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TerraCast® is your one stop shop for beautiful, customizable, indestructible resin products to make your location brilliant. All of our resin products are indestructible and environmentally friendly. Go Green, enjoy up-front and lasting savings with maintenance-free ownership for a lifetime.



TerraCast® in NYC

We are a proud vendor of the Department of Transportation in New York City. As seen here, our Step Planters are being used as a decorative border, creating a safety barrier for New York’s pedestrians and auto traffic. Our planters can be seen throughout New York and Time Square, and we are proud to be a functional decorative solution for NYC.


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  • Testimonials

    Thank you for the great planters that you produced to decorate our Main Street! We are sincerely grateful for your excellent customer service and especially for offering to replace the planter that was damaged recently. It's been so... READ MORE

    The Town Of Buena Vista, CO,

  • Testimonials

    Brad, I hope all is well. I'm out of town but wanted to let you know that the two lights we replaced at the Grove Garden entrance are at my office to pick up at your convenience. Once again I appreciate you taking care of this in a first-class manner. Have a good one.

    Todd Gomberg ,
    Capital Contractor Services

  • Testimonials

    Thank you so very much.   I showed this to the stonemason and he was very pleased…. From the notations on the template (without the tape measure) it appeared that the lamppost base was just under 30 inches in diameter!   So, again, thank you very much for such great service!

    Mike Rossini ,

  • Testimonials

    In total, I have 3 of the 4 light posts and 14 of the single light posts...soon to be 15!  I am very pleased with them!


  • Testimonials

    “The damn poles don’t break”

    Williams Party Rental, CA

  • Testimonials

    I have had these poles installed for 10 or 11 years and have not ever had a problem, I like these lamps, they’re good!

    Robert Shenk,

  • Testimonials

    The composite portion of the bollard seems to hold up extremely well...after being by the beach for years, they look brand new.

    Sea-side ,
    Community in Southern California

  • Testimonials

    My street used to be a target for graffiti over all of the stone planters and light poles. After deciding to take the resin and PolySteel™ route, no amount of graffiti is permanent anymore.

    Ryan W.,
    City Mayor

  • Testimonials

    With the constant changes in weather I always needed to replace my planters every year. I purchased resin planters from TerraCast® I haven't needed to replace them in the past 6 years!

    Jared N.,
    City Resident

  • Testimonials

    The lampposts I received from TerraCast® make awesome additions to my driveway. I couldn't believe how easy they were to install, no expensive equipment rentals. Resin rules!

    Amy B.,

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