Easy to Maintain / Graffiti Resistant

Our resin blend is non-porous and will not adhere to paint

Resin: Graffiti resistant with cleaning supplies

Graffiti and other materials often ruin stone and metal products. Unlike metal and stone, resin is immune to being ruined from spray-paint, gum, stickers, and even sharpie marker.


Our resin is formulated from a Linear Low Density Polyethylene. LLDPE is a non-porous, non-hydroscopic plastic. This keeps moisture and other materials from staining or discoloring it in any way.

This resistant quality gives TerraCast®’s products a long-lasting beauty and cost-effective solution that other products cannot compete with.

Non Adhesive

The anti-adherent attribute of our resin is incredibly beneficial to customers who purchase TerraCast® planters and TerraCast® lampposts. Graffiti and unwanted marks are easily removed with a simple cleaning solution and scrub brush.

Unlike metal, stone or clay products, the surface of a TerraCast® product has no outer coating. Paint and other marks come off without permanently staining or damaging the resin product.

Paint does not come off stone

No Coating

Unlike other products made of metal, stone, or clay, the surface of a TerraCast® product has no outer coating of paint or enamel or powder finish, so there is no need for concern about damaging that outer coating. The paint comes off the resin, the resin is the same color or color blend throughout, and after clean-up, it’s as if nothing ever happened.

Another one of the many advantages of having products that are easily cleaned up and de-vandalized, (aside from the obvious advantage of saving time and money on maintenance and care) is that you are then able to send the message, “nice try, but that won’t work here,” ultimately giving you the last laugh.

No Stealing

Resin is also immune to theft. Metal has value in scrap yards and people seem to find ways to steal various types of metal from the doors covering your electrical panel, to the wiring itself. Resin doesn’t contain any metal and proves worthless in scrapyards.

No Worries

TerraCast® products are not only cost-effective for their lightweight, easy installations, but also because of their being indestructible, perfect solutions for all of your planter and lamppost needs.