Landscape Lighting Tree Rings

One Tree Ring to Rule them ALL

Tree Ring on palm tree

A Tree Ring is a light fixture that is designed to attach to a tree by encircling the trunk or a branch. It usually accommodates up to six lights that can be pointed in varying degrees of rotation. Tree rings are a must-have for landscape lighting designs.

Our Tree Ring is a very unique product. There are a few other manufacturers who make tree rings, but none of them are made out of Resin.

Resin Tree Rings are an innovative product that no one else in the world offers.

Our resin Tree Rings come standard in 3 different sizes: 18 inch, 24 inch and 32 inch diameter.


Typically, tree rings are installed about three-quarters of the way up the tree. It’s not right in your face, and the lights shining up cast dramatic accents into the canopy.

Our resin Tree Ring is two halves that open to fit around the tree. Four rods adjust to the tree to hold the tension-held clamshell design, which is basically a circle that hinges open in the middle. Stainless steel bolts, wing nuts and locking mechanisms secure it in place.

Like all TerraCast® products, our resin Tree Rings are lightweight and easy to install.


Our Tree Ring can accommodate up to 6 lights. They screw onto a one-half inch NPT thread, which is a common threading generally found in junction boxes in landscape lighting installations.

We use LED bulbs in all of our lighting products. LEDs are the best option for outdoors or really any lighting application. They last a long time, they’re totally customizable and programmable and they generate less heat than incandescent or halogen bulbs.

Each light can be arranged in a full 360 degrees of rotation, so some can point up, some can point down, whatever combination you like, it’s all yours. Point them all out to shed some light on the area. Point them all down to light the way around the roots. Point them all up to illuminate the branches and leaves to create an artistic, dramatic canopy effect.

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We can make your tree rings in any color. We can match it to a particular brown for you, to blend in with the color of the tree trunk. We can mimic real granite, for an elite, sophisticated look! Choose from 6 standard stone blends. If you can’t decide, we can make you any kind of custom look you’d like.


Resin is incredibly durable, due to its nature. Our Linear Low Density Polyethylene resin is a type of plastic that is formulated and molded to be strong and stay beautiful even after years out in the harshest climates. It will never rust or corrode.

Resin is non-porous and non-hydroscopic, so nothing gets into it. No water stains, no orange discoloration from rusty sprinkler pipes, nothing mars your resin product. Hose it off, or use a simple cleaning chemical and it will be good as new.


What maintenance? Resin requires zero maintenance, and we back our tree rings with a 3-year warranty. You can be confident that your resin products from TerraCast® give you years of enjoyment without any hassle.

Home Grown

TerraCast® is an American founded, owned and operated company, and we care deeply about the American family, and our great country. We use domestic materials to craft our resin and manufacture our products. We employ tax-paying Americans to work in our offices and factories. All of our factories, offices, warehouses and shipping centers are on US soil. All of this, because we believe that the same principles and practices that built this company, will continue to help it grow. Our products can be seen all across this great nation, from downtown Los Angeles to New York City’s Times Square.


TerraCast® also cares deeply about our planet. Our resin products qualify for US Green Building Council’s LEED credits and can be helpful in obtaining the credits required to get your home or building Certified Green . Our products are made of up to 100% post-consumer recycled materials, depending on what color you choose. We use sustainable practices in our factories. Our ovens heat with natural gas and our cooling chambers use reclaimed water. Our products are all 100% recyclable. When they come to the end of their life, which is much longer than other products, they can go into the recycling bin, never the trash or a landfill.

You can feel good about investing in TerraCast® products. Our products last a lifetime and the ease of ownership will make you wish you had more trees to light up!