Promotional Products

We can create custom promotional products that fit the needs of your business.

San Diego Padres Logo Custom Graphic

We can create branded options for promotional products that are much more permanent than a banner, sign, pen or tote bag.

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to cast your brand in stone (okay, faux-stone), and set it into the landscape as a permanent fixture in the site furnishing or interiorscaping accents of your distributors, or best clients… or contest winners!

Something for Everyone

If you are a beer company, you could design a line of planters with your emblem on them, and install them outside of bars and pubs, anywhere beer is sold. It’s a permanent promotional opportunity, much more durable than a coozy or a keychain!

Are you a boat builder, boat upholsterer, boat mechanic or boat maintenance company? Promote your brand on products installed at the marina!

Are you a soda, tea or coffee brand? Promote on a line of planters to decorate the fronts of cafes.

Are you a meat vendor at the local grocery store? Compromise elsewhere? That would be great on a planter.