Resin Landscape Lights

Traditional landscape lights are fragile and costly to replace. Resin is made to last.


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TerraCast® offers a full line of resin landscape lighting, and we work with reputable American vendors who supply all the ancillary items like light bulbs and wiring.

We use LED bulbs in all of our lighting products. LED technology is the best option for almost any application. Unlike filament bulbs, LED bulbs last for years, they’re customizable, they’re programmable, and they don’t overheat.

Most manufacturers use metals for their fixtures and lamp them with filament bulbs in a glass and powder-coat aluminum housing.


The issue is the eventual and inevitable effects of the outdoor elements on metal. Environmental factors include rainwater, humidity, tree leavings, bird droppings and other plant and animal refuse, not to mention minerals from fertilizer and orange discoloration or stains from rusty sprinkler pipes.

Eventually, the elements weather through the powder coat finish. From there, corrosion starts eating away at the metal, leaving a dingy, disintegrating eye-sore that started out as your beautiful, tasteful outdoor decorations. Then you’re left with the options of replacing them or removing them altogether.


The only way to avoid corrosion is to use materials that don’t corrode, enter resin. Our Linear Low Density Polyethylene is a member of the plastic family, formulated to live outdoors for years and years. It’s non-porous and non-hydroscopic, so nothing gets under its skin like coated metal. It will never rust or corrode because it is not made of material that reacts with water molecules floating around in the air. It will never stain because it is non-porous, so it’s impermeable.

Our Products

We offer several options for all kinds of Landscape Lighting projects and applications.

All of our fixtures are made of impermeable Resin, and are built to last. And because we lamp them with LED bulbs, years will pass before you even have to change one. We back all of our fixtures with a 3-year warrantee, and the light bulbs are backed with varying warranties by their specific vendors.

Our Colors

All of our lighting fixtures come standard in black or white, but, upon request, we can make them in any solid color or texture blend you desire. If you don’t see one on our list that goes with your vision, just let us know! We blend all of our colors in-house, so we can match, design or create a new solid color or faux-stone blend just for you.

Speaking of colors, TerraCast® is committed to the green movement. We use sustainable practices in our factories, including natural gas for the ovens and reclaimed water for the cooling chambers. We’re also part of the US Green Building Council and our Resin products qualify for LEED credits.

TerraCast® is also a strong supporter of the Red White and Blue. We are founded, powered and run by American citizens, our factories are all on US soil and we use domestic materials to make our products.

Ordering with TerraCast® is good for your budget, the American economy, and the planet.