3 Reasons to Avoid Metal Lamp Posts

3 Reasons to Avoid Metal Lamp Posts

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Metal lamp posts are a common fixture seen in cities around the world but there are several key reasons to avoid installing them in your city, such as the fact they are highly susceptible to corrosion.

This is Why Metal Lamp Posts Are a Hazard

1. Metal poles are only protected by a thin outer layer, this makes them highly susceptible to water damage and corrosion.

The number one reason that metal poles should become a thing of the past is that they are highly susceptible to corrosion. Once a pole begins to corrode, there is no saving it and it will eventually impact the integrity of the entire pole. This is why it is frighteningly common for light poles to fall over, landing on cars and endangering pedestrians. Instances of this happening have been seen in some of the largest cities, including San Francisco.

Traditional metal poles are protected by a very thin layer of powder coat or baked enamel to prevent corrosion – the most common issue with metal light poles. Unfortunately, this only prevents the problem for a short period of time because this thin layer is easily broken down. All it takes is a hard hit from a weed whacker or a car door accidentally slamming against the side of it to chip away at the outer layer. 

As soon as tiny abrasions impact the surface, moisture can enter the interior of the pole and start to cause serious damage, including corrosion that’ll eventually weaken the pole to the point it completely breaks down.

Not to mention, there are so many different elements that will cause a light pole to corrode over time, such as high salinity, rain, deicers, and even dogs lifting their legs on posts as they go for their daily walks.

2. It is only natural for metal to rust.

In order to make a steel light post, iron is melted to reduce the carbon before other elements are added. The end result is a product that is highly subjective to rust and corrosion. That’s because when iron, water and oxygen meet, rust ensues. If poles are located near the ocean where salinity levels are high, or if deicers are used on roadways, the process of rust formation increases rapidly.

The combination of rust and water creates a layer of ferrous oxide- which is typically permanent and weakens the structure. Plus, it doesn’t look good.

Carbon dioxide is another enemy to iron. The oxygen found in carbon dioxide creates iron hydroxide; hydroxide molecules chip off the outer layer and expose the next layer of iron to oxidizing elements. This process continues layer by layer, until the entire pole has been consumed.

3. Steel lamp posts are heavy, which makes them expensive to manufacture, ship, and install.

Metal lamp posts are incredibly heavy, and this makes them expensive from the get-go. Shipping costs alone can eat up your budget, and then there’s the cost to install a heavy fixture such as this. Not to mention, a heavy object is more expensive to manufacture in the first place.

The Benefits of TerraCast’s Classic PolySteel Lampposts

We specialize in commercial and residential light posts, offering a sustainable and long-lasting solution to traditional lighting fixtures that are notorious for breaking down and succumbing to the elements.

Thanks to the use of our innovative resin products, our Classic PolySteel lampposts are leading the way in modern street light technology.

  • More cost-effective

Our lampposts weigh five to ten times less than poles manufactured from concrete or metal. This makes them more cost-effective to ship and install.

  • Resistant to Corrosion

Our poles are non-hydroscopic and non-porous – which means moisture is not getting inside. This makes our light poles highly resistant to corrosion and rust.

The inner core of our lamp post is constructed of galvanized steel, but this strong inner core is heavily protected by a thick layer of polyurethane foam that isolates the core and prevents corrosive elements from getting inside. On top of this is another outer layer that consists of a quarter-inch thick Linear Low Density Polyethylene resin.

  • Several Styles to Pick From

Style is important and that’s why we offer several standard styles of lamp posts. Our most popular selections are the New England and the Washington Post.

In addition, we offer a complete line of accessories to complete your light posts including bases, post covers, and luminaires.

Our poles come standard in black, but we are always happy to create a custom color and can even create a faux-stone granite blend.

  • Made in the USA, Better for the Environment

Many of our products qualify for LEED Credits. Our resin is made from up to 100% post-consumer recycled materials. From natural gas-powered ovens to the use of reclaimed water in our cooling chambers, we rely on sustainable practices throughout the manufacturing process, which is conducted right here in the USA.

Learn more about our Commercial Lamp Posts

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Don’t Replace, Rebase!

The first spot to degrade on traditional metal lamp posts is the bottom base. Instead of prematurely replacing the entire pole, we offer the option to rebase your existing pole to help it look better while preventing additional damages. While a new base cannot erase existing damage, it will prevent additional damage by locking out moisture and other corrosive elements.

Our lamppost base easily clamps around your existing light pole to protect the most vulnerable area where moisture tends to get in first. This will help prolong the life of your pole and base. Learn more about our unique Light Post Bases.