Why Resin Is The Best Lamppost Material

8 Benefits Of Resin Lampposts: Why Resin Is The Best Lamppost Material

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Resin lampposts don’t rust, corrode, or stain, making them far more durable and long lasting than any other lamppost materials such as aluminum, copper and wood.

Our resin-based lampposts are used for both commercial and residential purposes with great success. They are the only true composite PolySteel lampposts in the world. When compared with other common lamppost materials there’s just no way you can settle for anything less than our unique resin blend.

Resin Lampposts Vs. All Other Common Lamppost Materials

Common materials used to build lampposts include wood, aluminum and copper. The problem with all of these materials is that they are highly susceptible to breaking down when exposed to normal elements, such as water, sunshine, and temperature fluctuations.

Wood is highly susceptible to rot as well as infestations from termites and other insects.

Aluminum has a natural layer of aluminum oxide that protects it against rust but it will corrode over time.

Copper is known to corrode in certain soil conditions and in areas with moderate to high levels of moisture in the air. Copper may also turn green when left unprotected against the elements. This is the result of a chemical reaction that transforms the shiny metal with a pale green outer layer technically known as a patina.

To add to the list of potential issues, all of these materials are susceptible to stains from graffiti, which may be next to impossible to remove.

Why Is Resin The Best Choice?

Resin is the best choice because it will never rust or corrode; it is resistant to stains and can withstand a lot of impact damage due its highly flexible makeup.

There are countless benefits to choosing resin lampposts, including:


Weedwackers are going to accidentally hit the sides of lampposts, dogs may come and lift their leg, and cars will accidentally bump up against poles located alongside sidewalks or in parking lots. That’s why it’s so important to invest in durable lampposts that are capable of standing up to all of these potential damages. Most lamppost materials will not handle much wear and tear before showing signs of breaking down. Our specially formulated resin is capable of handling all of this and more, all while maintaining a like-new appearance.

Long-Lasting Color

Not only do our lampposts last a long time but also they do so in style. Our unique resin is much better at maintaining long lasting color and overall appearances than other materials. We treat all of our resin with UV inhibitors to further reduce fading, as well as chipping, peeling, cracking and corroding. 

Resistant To Weather & Temperature Fluctuations

Many popular lamppost materials begin to show signs of wear and tear after a few too many freeze and thaw cycles. These occur when the weather cools down and then heats up, and visa-versa. If there are any microscopic chips in the surface, moisture can get inside. When the weather gets really cold this moisture freezes and expands, and when the weather warms up, the moisture contracts. As this same process happens over and over again it causes cracks to form, which only get worse over time.

Our resin is non-hydroscopic, which means it does not absorb any moisture from the air and is resistant to cracks that allow water inside. Plus, it is capable of surviving in a much wider range of temperatures than your average lamppost material. In fact, our resin can withstand temperatures between -40° and well over 140°.

Completely Customizable

You can order our resin lampposts in any color and in a wide variety of styles to fit your exact needs.

Proudly Made In The USA

All of our products are made right here in the USA with domestic materials. This gives us complete control over the quality of our products and grants us the opportunity to help fuel the American economy.

Maintenance Free Lampposts

Thanks to the hardcore durability of resin lampposts, they remain maintenance free for many years to come. Resin is as close to an indestructible lamppost material as you can get. It’s not going to stain, chip or rot and it never needs painting or refurbishing. That means less maintenance and better-looking lampposts.


Our resin is eco-friendly and does not rely on precious resources like trees or virgin metal.

Light Weight

Our lampposts weigh as much as 5 to 10 times LESS than light poles made from metal or concrete. That means they are less expensive to make, ship and install.

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LED Lighting For Lampposts

Another choice you’ll have to make when selecting the right lampposts is the type of lighting. LED bulbs are going to cut down your electrical costs considerably, and they greatly outlast traditional bulbs.

All of our landscape lighting is capable of running on 12-volt or 110-volt wiring. We recommended 110-volt because 12-volt lighting tends to be too delicate for in-ground wiring applications. All it takes is one accidental knock from a weedwacker and lights are going to go out.

How To Fix Lampposts Without Replacing: Resin Lamppost Bases

The most common place for damage to seep in on lampposts is at the base, which unfortunately is exactly where the eye goes. Traditional light poles are manufactured with seams and the interior of the pole is not powder coated or enamel finished. As a result, it’s very easy for salt and moisture to get inside and start corroding the bottom half of lampposts. As damages surface, your lampposts could be speaking poorly of your commercial or residential location.

Instead of replacing all of your lampposts, we offer the option to add our corrosion-resistant resin light post bases. These bases provide a more affordable solution to rough looking lampposts, giving them an entirely new and improved appearance. At the same time, they help protect the most vulnerable spot of lampposts so that they last for many years to come.

It’s super easy to attach our bases to your current light poles. Learn more here: https://www.terracastproducts.com/light-post-base/