Millennium Rectangular

Millennium planters are currently in development. The measurements are approximate. For details and lead time please call the office.



The TerraCast Millennium Straight Rectangular Planter (TSR) is meant to segregate outdoor spaces with lush foliage instead of tasteless barriers.  Although the rectangular shape is timeless and elementary, the TSR is modern in its look as each of its four angles are shaped at 90° to give it sharp, clean lines.  The TSR can be used to delineate outdoor café spaces, as barriers in parking lots, and, of course, in hotel lobbies, or poolside. Combing both TSR planters, the 12″ tall, 24” tall, and 36” tall, one can create great high-low effects with lush greenery for visual stimulation. Call for more details and pricing.

Millennium Drainage Instructions
Self Watering Attachment
Installation Instructions