Weather-resistant Lamp Posts– Here’s Why Your City Needs Them

Weather-resistant Lamp Posts– Here’s Why Your City Needs Them

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From making a good impression to preventing injury and accident, there are several key reasons why weather-resistant lamp posts are so important to cities around the world.

You might be surprised to learn that weather resistant lamp posts are not all that common. In fact, many of the most common materials used to make commercial, residential and city lighting fixtures are only temporarily weather proof. That’s because they are made with a thin coating to protect them against corrosive elements like salinity and moisture. Yet, it doesn’t take much for this top protective layer to wear away, allowing the elements to break inside and wreak havoc.

At TerraCast Products, we do things differently. Our PolySteel lamp posts are crafted from a proprietary blend and construction that makes them outlast the competition thanks to greater durability against the elements. While metal, iron and steel all rust and corrode, our PolySteel products do not. This makes them excellent features in cities with a lot of rain or high salinity, as they are incredibly durable against the elements.

Why Traditional Metal Lamp Posts are not Weather-resistant

A standard metal light pole is crafted from galvanized steel, typically steel parts are dipped in molten zinc. After that, the pole is sprayed with a baked enamel or powder coat finish. This creates a hard-glossy finish that is rather thin and only provides temporary protection against the elements. Even the smallest bumps can create an entry point for corrosion to set in.

Corrosion goes to work fast, eating away at the core of the metal light pole, weakening it until it finally gives way to the elements.

3 Reasons Every City Needs Weather Resistant Lamp Posts

#1. Set the stage to make a good impression

First and foremost, landscaping is one of the first things people notice about a city. How does it look? Is it clean and tidy, or littered with rusting or discolored lamp posts? If lamp posts are not built to withstand the elements, chances are they are going to appear rusty and discolored in no time.

#2. Longer lasting fixtures save money

Lamp posts that do not stand up against the weather are not going to last very long. Especially if you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, strong storms, or with high salinity levels. Even things like close proximity to sprinklers can greatly decrease the longevity of light poles that are not ready to endure the elements. Heck, even dogs lifting their legs and urinating on the side of lamp posts (which is more common than you might think) can quickly erode traditional lamp posts.

Weather-resistant lamp posts are longer lasting, which means you save money by replacing fixtures less frequently.

#3. Reduce the risk of injury or damage

As lamp posts corrode and wear out, they are at risk of falling over and causing serious damage to vehicles, nearby homes or buildings, and so forth. There’s also the risk they could fall and hurt someone walking or driving by. It can happen quicker than you might think.

The TerraCast Difference

Our PolySteelTM lampposts are crafted with a monolithic construction made to prevent accidental and environmental damage. While the core of the lamppost still relies on the strength of galvanized steel, we thickly encase it. Starting with a generous layer of polyurethane foam. After that, we add a quarter-inch thick layer of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene resin, this is what provides the outer skin and extra protection needed to keep the galvanized steel core completely isolated from the elements. This thick layer of resin prevents anything from getting to the core -the only part of the pole that could rust if exposed to the elements.

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Don’t Replace, Rebase!

Do your existing lamp posts need some TLC but you aren’t ready to completely replace them yet? We have a solution for you, two solutions in fact.

We offer two solutions to corroding lamp poles, other than completely replacing them. The first is to re-base the pole with our Light Post Bases. This is the best option if the pole looks okay, but the base is discolored or starting to rust. Usually, the first place that a lamp post starts to show its age is at the base. Our clamp-style base easily fits over the base of most standard-sized lamp posts. While it can’t reverse the damage that’s already been done, it can prevent further damage from getting inside.

The next option is to add a Post Cover over a lamp post or sign post. This simple solution offers a way to make poles look better, last longer, and protect it against future damage. Like an outer shell, it slides over the existing pole providing the same outer layer of protection our PolySteel classic lampposts come equipped with. This resin sleeve fits over most standard-sized posts.

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