Modern Planters

Uniquely Modern Planter Styles 

Terracast is all about crafting planters for the future. Not only do we offer planters that embody a popular modern style but also they are eco-friendly, indestructible and customizable.

We recognize the demand for more modern looking planters. As a result, we continue to add eye-catching modern designs to our collections. Offering a wide selection of modern planters helps architects and designers create spaces worth daydreaming about. The overall style of a space is what people notice first, hence how a particular style can result in referrals and growing demand for a designer or architect’s services. Uniquely modern style isn’t the only reason our planters rank far and above the competition.

Our Modern Planter Styles 

The Benefits of Our Specially Formulated Resin 

All of our planters are made using a specially designed resin blend that is far superior to your average plastic. We pair the benefits of Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) with a process called Rotational Molding to create the highest quality material on the market. As a result our planters are virtually indestructible.

Thanks to our non-porous resin, planters remain resistant to water damage and stains, including graffiti. Plus, we add a UV inhibitor to prevent damage from the sun and maintain vibrant colors for years to come. Despite the hardcore durability of our planters they remain incredibly lightweight and affordable.

Fully Customizable Planters – Make modern planters stand out even more with a variety of customizable options such as custom logos. We can add any logo or brand name to planters. Don’t have a logo? Our team is happy to help you create one that stands out and gets you noticed.

Another customizable feature we offer is the option to add a self-watering reservoir to any of our planters. As a result you save time, conserve water and boost plant success rates.

Color Selection Galore – We offer most solid colors as well as Brazilian terracotta and faux-stone options that offer the benefits of resin while boasting the natural beauty of stone. Don’t let our stock color options hold you back, we are happy to create any custom color blend. If you can imagine it we can create it.

Our modern planters offer the style and functionality of the future all while saving you money in multiple ways.

Lightweight = lower shipping costs

Indestructible & lasts a lifetime = no money spent replacing products

Resistant to graffiti = simple and affordable solutions to removing graffiti

Maintenance free = economical maintenance processesplanters-best-resin-commercial

The Eco-Friendly Planter Option

We believe that in order for anything to be considered ‘modern’ it must be eco-friendly. Black planters can be made with up to 100% post consumer recycled materials, and all of our products are made with eco-friendly practices. As a result, many of our planters qualify for MR4 LEED Credits. Products may also qualify for MR5 LEED credits if they ship to you within 500 miles of our two shipping centers, one of which is located in Tennessee and the other in Southern California.

Being ‘green’ is nothing new to Terracast. In fact, we’ve been doing right by the environment for over 30 years. We are also committed to doing right by America, which is why we never outsource any of our production. All of our products are made right here in the USA with extreme attention to detail and only the highest quality materials. We would love to help you achieve the look of modern planter perfection while simultaneously saving you money and hassles, both today and long into the future.