3D Printing Capabilities for Prototyping

3D Printing Capabilities for Prototyping

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TerraCast® now has custom prototyping capabilities with one of the largest 3D printers on the market, with a build volume of a one-cubic meter. With a 3D printer of that capacity, the possibilities for businesses and entrepreneurs are virtually limitless. Whether your goal is to streamline product development or the testing process, 3D printing prototypes with TerraCast® can take your operation to the next level. 

We offer faster turnaround and less capital investment, making our 3D printing service ideal for clients who have custom project needs with small quantities or require better visualization and evaluation of the final product design before committing to tooling. If you are in the market for a trusted service provider, here’s how working with TerraCast® can benefit you. 

Benefits of 3D Printing with TerraCast® Products 

  • Dedicated Designer and Engineer 

We have a dedicated and experienced engineer to help finalize your design. Our team understands the unique constraints, capabilities, and best practices associated with 3D printing, allowing us to optimize designs and ensure successful outcomes. 

We design parts with considerations for printability, structural integrity, and post-processing requirements. This helps to ensure that the final printed parts are functional, reliable, and can be produced efficiently.

Our dedicated designer and engineer are well-equipped to streamline the iterative prototyping process. They can quickly convert conceptual ideas into printable designs, reducing the time required for physical prototyping. By minimizing the number of design iterations and material waste, costs associated with prototyping can also be significantly reduced.

  • Reduced Production Time 

We can print larger parts in a single build, eliminating the need to repeatedly set up the printer for each individual component. By consolidating multiple parts into a single print job, we can avoid the time-consuming process of preparing the printer, calibrating the settings, and loading the material for each part. 

Large-format 3D printers have a larger build volume, allowing them to accommodate bigger parts or multiple smaller parts simultaneously. By utilizing the maximum capacity of the printer, you optimize its efficiency and reduce the time required for multiple print runs. Additionally, post-processing tasks, such as removing support structures, cleaning, and finishing, can be simplified when printing larger parts in a single build.

  • Design Freedom 

Larger build volumes allow our designers to create bigger and more ambitious designs. This opens up possibilities for creating large-scale prototypes, architectural models, functional components, and other objects that would be challenging or impossible to produce within smaller build volumes. It enables the exploration of complex designs that require a significant amount of space.

In smaller build volumes, intricate or large designs may require slicing and printing in multiple sections, leading to visible seams or weak points in the final object. With a larger build volume, designers have more freedom to create complex structures without the need for slicing or joining separate parts, resulting in a more seamless and robust end product.

  • Cost Efficiency 

Printing larger parts as a single unit eliminates the need for assembly of multiple components. This reduces labor costs associated with assembly, as there are fewer individual parts to handle, join, and finish. Additionally, by consolidating multiple parts into a single print, there is a potential reduction in the number of fasteners or connectors required, further decreasing assembly costs.

Work With TerraCast®

With TerraCast® 3d Printing Capabilities, prototyping your ideal designs has never been easier. No matter the complexity, our experts will see that you have maximum design freedom and that your product reaches you on time. With a faster turnaround time and a small initial investment, our service is ideal for one-off projects. To learn more about our 3D printing service, speak with a member of our team today!