4 Creative Ways to Use Large Commercial Planters for Landscaping

4 Creative Ways to Use Large Commercial Planters for Landscaping

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Large commercial planters serve a variety of purposes including greeting customers, blocking off certain areas, and helping to control the flow of traffic. Large commercial planters also stand out better than smaller planters when placed near buildings that are 2+ stories high. Plus, larger planters can be used to house stand-out plants, including trees and larger shrubs.  Some of the best trees for large planters include Japanese maples, crabapples, flowering cherry, crape myrtles and bamboo.

3 locations large commercial planters greatly benefit:

  • Entrances—first impressions count and a big beautiful planter can help you achieve the grand entrance your business deserves.
  • Signs—place large planters near your business sign to attract more eyes in that direction and let people passing by know who you are and what you offer.
  • Public patios, plazas or walkways—planters can break up and designate certain spaces, while helping keep pedestrian traffic safe.

Here are some creative ways to use large commercial planters so they offer several benefits all at once. 

1.  Welcome Customers with Personalized Planters

Picture a large commercial planter labeled with your company name, logo, or colors. All TerraCast planters are completely customizable and can be printed with your logo, business name, or just about anything else. We offer a variety of colors but can make custom colors based upon your brand. This gives you the perfect opportunity to greet your customers and establish your identity.

2. Improve Safety by Using Planters as Barriers

Planters actively help protect people in more ways than one. Planters are often used to direct pedestrians away from the flow of auto traffic. In fact, many states and counties enforce regulations regarding the placement of planters, trees or other barriers to protect pedestrians from vehicle traffic. Rows of large planters offer a pretty solution to divide up mix-use traffic such as pedestrians, automobiles, and cyclists. Signs, crosswalks and street markings should be used in conjunction with planters in areas where both safety and aesthetics are of importance.

Furthermore, added greenery has been shown to reduce crimes and domestic violence reports in urban areas, while increasing community morale. That’s because plants have a naturally calming effect. As a result, large planters help protect your neighborhood, employees and clientele in more ways than one.

3. Planters Add More Privacy Without Adding Fencing

Why install extra fencing or ugly barriers when you can use beautiful planters overflowing with greenery instead? As mentioned above, planters make great space dividers for commercial and residential landscaping while still offering an open concept feel. Planters can also help you prevent an expensive redesign by naturally reshaping or blocking off certain areas. That’s why planters are often used to frame dining areas, restaurant patios, event spaces, and so forth.

Planters add more than just a safety barrier. Equipped with the right plants, they also offer privacy. The plants you use can change the whole look and feel of planter borders. For instance, large planters containing trees or tall/wide shrubs offer a privacy shield. Bamboo, hedges, and ferns thrive in planters and offer more privacy due to their height.

4. Add Style & Contrast to Commercial Landscaping

Planters come in many varieties, allowing you to incorporate style, contrast, color and dimension to landscaping. You might be surprised how a few large planters can change the whole look and feel of your landscaping. Using planters that vary in height and width helps landscaping pop. Plus, they add color and texture. 

What About Changing Seasons?

If your business is in an area with dramatic seasonal changes, you might need to swap out planters with different plants throughout the year or go with plants that survive all types of weather. You can treat flowers like annuals and rotate planters several times per year based upon seasonal changes.

Instead of moving planters around, you could plant a tree at the center of the pot and then change out the surrounding flowers as seasons change. For instance, in the summer a large tree might serve as the focal point with flowers surrounding it. Come fall, you can remove summer flowers and plant flowers that thrive in autumn. 

TerraCast Commercial Planters

You have so many options to choose from, high plants, low plants, colorful plants, or all green—let your vision come to life. You can swap out planters at certain times of the year to accommodate plant life to seasonal changes. Our durable planters are surprisingly lightweight, making it easier to move them as needed.

TerraCast planters offer style, convenience, sustainability and affordability. After all, you’ll find our planters at some of the most highly trafficked areas in the US. Our resin-based planters are specially engineered to withstand a much wider range of temperature fluctuations without cracking or suffering damage from freeze/thaw cycles. Plus, they don’t stain—not even from graffiti!

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