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8 Benefits Of Large Resin Planters For Businesses

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The benefits of large resin planters include durability, beauty, no maintenance and so much more for your business. In order to reap all of these benefits the most important thing is to purchase authentic, specially formulated resin offered exclusively by TerraCast Products. We have successfully created a durable resin that does not rust, corrode, or stain. Water, frost, impact damage and even graffiti are no problem for our durable, eco-friendly resin planters.

Here are 8 benefits our large resin planters will provide your business:

Non-Porous Resin Prevents Stains

Many other materials used to make planters, such as stone, are easily stained thanks to their porous makeup. Our resin is non-porous, meaning it doesn’t have the pores to absorb stains and is naturally resistant to graffiti without having to add any exterior coating. Stains will scrub right off with a little water and soap.

Even if your businesses is not open to the public it still gets a lot of traffic, at least more-so than your typical private residence. As a result, large planters for businesses are often subjected to more potential for wear and tear. If your planters can’t stand up to these challenges you’ll have to replace them as they go bad, a time consuming and costly endeavor. Instead of replanting and starting from scratch once every couple years or so, stick with a planter capable of lasting many years to come.

Lightweight Resin Makes Moving Planters A Pocket Full Of Daisies

Resin is lightweight, meaning even our largest planters are easily transported in comparison to equal-sized planters made of other materials. Remember, your planter is only going to get heavier after you add soil, plants and water. Planters that start off heavy before they are filled tend to be impossible to move without the use of tools after being planted.

Heavy planters also cost more to ship. Lightweight resin planters reduce shipping costs considerably. So not only are they easier to move in the winter or during landscape renovations, but they are also cheaper from the get-go thanks to reduced shipping costs.

No Cracks Means No Corrosionnyc-street-planters-sidewalk

Traditional planters have a topcoat that will eventually break down through the development of small cracks.  These cracks become entry points for water to enter, causing rust and corrosion to set in. When rust takes over, say goodbye because there is no saving it. Corrosion is 100% irreversible. 

Our resin planters are made to prevent cracks from forming. As a result, rust never has the chance to set in and start. Also, since our products are non-hydroscopic they do not absorb moisture from the air, preventing water damage from developing in more ways than one.

Long Lasting Planter Color

Planters often quickly fade colors if left in the sun, taking away from their overall appearance. All of our resin is made with ultraviolet inhibitors, meaning planters last for much longer without showing obvious signs of wear. 

Design Your Large Planters Anyway You Want

No matter how big, intricate or detailed you need a planter to be, we can make it happen thanks to the molds we use for resin planters. We frame aluminum alloys with cast iron or stainless steel and then clip this onto different molding machines. This process prevents any possibility of damage to the soft aluminum molds as they are baked. 

The options are endless when it comes to the style, shape and size of planters we make. We create molds using different metals or bending, rolling and welding sheet metal. The price varies considerably upon detail, size, design and complexity but ranges between $6,000 and $50,000.

Add Your Logo To Large Resin Planter

Speaking of limitless possibilities, you can also order large resin planters with any logo you want. The design, color and sizing of your logo or message are completely are up to you, we are just here to make it possible and easier than ever before. You have two options, “mold-in” and “mold-on”. Mold-in is when we apply the graphic during the manufacturing process; this is the most durable option. The second option mold-on is applied to already constructed planters, offering a faster solution.

Get creative with your planters and include your logo, a special message, city name, or team. This makes it so much more fun to landscape indoors and out, as you have another way to advertise your company using the beauty of plants.

Eco-Friendly Planters For A Greener Tomorrow

The green movement is stronger than ever, and we are proud to be a part of it. All of our products are made using sustainable methods and eco-friendly materials. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your business isn’t further harming the environment when you order a large shipment of planters from us. You can also use this as a bragging point; ‘eco friendly landscaping’ is a good thing in the business world, so own it. Our planters help make your business eligible for LEED certification, learn more about becoming LEED certified here. Our planters are durable and long lasting but they are also recyclable, making them even greener. 

Add Standout Exterior Appeal To Your Landscaping

Large resin planters are eye-catching, and as a result are often used as the center focal point of a landscaping project. A large planter can be raised up on concrete platforms to appear even larger, and stand out from further away. There are so many different options, but no matter how you break it down large planters add striking beauty to any property.  As a result your business wins by looking more professional, detail-orientated, and prosperous. 

TerraCast Planters is leading the way for durable, stain-proof, eco-friendly, customizable, and beautiful large resin planters. We have a huge selection of other resin products available as well, including benches, trashcans, lighting fixtures and more. Check out our large selection of inventory and see first hand the difference resin makes.