Add Character To Your Business With Planters

Add Character To Your Business With Planters

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Planters of all sizes and colors are a fantastic way to add some character and show your support towards environmentally conscious business ethics at the same time. They can transform any indoor or outdoor space and take them from bland to aesthetically pleasing. Many businesses now realize workplace wellbeing is a crucial concept and it is just as important to improve the morale of your workforce as it is to focus on operational profit. 

Some of the most successful companies now have colorful and comfortable workspaces elevated by planters. Not all businesses have the resources budgeted to go for such installations and if you are not one of them, here are some easy and effective ways to create an engaging and attractive workplace with planters. 

Why Planters?

Planters bring a subtle touch of greenery and nature without breaking the bank. They can have a considerable impact on the mental health, productivity, creativity, and overall well-being of everyone around. They are an adroit way of reducing stress and making your office space look less mundane. But more importantly, they elevate positive thinking by increasing oxygen levels and reducing toxins in the air. 

Many studies conducted in modern business environments have concluded plants can be attributed to a decline in fatigue, stress, and depression in the workforce. As a result, there are less sick days and an elevated sense of overall happiness which creates a pleasant environment for both employees and clients. 

How To Add Planters To Your Workplace?

Using the right type of plants and planters is essential when remodeling your workplace. Unlike your home or garden, picking out the right options for planters can be a bit tricky for businesses. Between ceramic, plastic, wood, resin, and concrete planters, there is a lot to consider before making the purchase. For instance, planters at the entrance should be a welcome addition. It’s easy to get carried away sometimes and assume more greenery would look pleasant, so it’d be wise to bet on quality over quantity. 

The ideal selection for planters will depend on the space you are working with and what you want them to exude. The safest way to go about this is to keep the shapes and sizes minimalistic. Planters that are too big or bright in colors can look a bit erratic and may distract people’s attention. 

When it comes to the material for the planters, stick to what works the best for your business and fits your budget. Resin planters are becoming quite popular these days for several reasons. Besides the fact that they are durable, resilient to weather changes, and customizable, their manufacturing process is environment friendly.  

Choosing the Right Plants

You have upwards of thousands of options to choose from when it comes to choosing plants for your business. While some might fit the aesthetics you are going for perfectly, others can be a little messy. You should definitely consider plants that do not require frequent care for your business unless you are ready to invest heavily in aftercare and maintenance. Evaluate the place they are going to occupy and pick the right ones which won’t end up outgrowing your planters. 

Peace lilies, dracaenas, bamboo, and aloe, are some good options to consider if you are looking for a pleasant backdrop with subtle greenery. They add quite a bit of style and color to the environment without being too difficult to care for. But more importantly, they are effective in eliminating pollutants. 

If you are considering getting new planters for your office space, some research will definitely go a long way to help you. To make things easier, we at TerraCast can help build a gorgeous environment in your workplace. To learn more about how we here at TerraCast can help you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us today!