Aesthetic Solution to Barriers for Amusement Parks

Aesthetic Solution to Barriers for Amusement Parks

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Barriers in amusement parks can often be unsightly and detract from their overall aesthetics, which is why we need lucrative alternatives to conventional options like railings and netting. Fortunately, with so many options on the market, lifting the visual appeal of public spaces is easy and cost-effective. 

While barriers can work amazingly well for outlining specific areas in amusement parks, they can also help keep people safe and contribute to the definition of parks. Here are some excellent barrier choices for amusement parks that are inspiring, cost-effective, and environment-friendly. 

Living Barriers

Living barriers are a great way to provide a natural and aesthetic solution to barriers in amusement parks. Living barriers such as hedges, shrubs, and trees can add to the greenery of amusement parks and support local ecosystems. These barriers not only look beautiful but also provide a natural environment for birds and other wildlife to thrive.

Themed Barriers

Themed barriers are easy to blend and add expression to the park’s theme to help them stand out. For example, bamboo barriers can create a seamless and cohesive environment for amusement parks with a jungle theme. Themed barriers can also represent and celebrate local cultures and traditions by housing posters, banners, and memorabilia.

Artistic Barriers

Artistic barriers are an excellent way to incorporate art into the park’s landscape. Barriers created using murals, sculptures, or mosaics can add an element of creativity to the park. You can also go the extra mile and incorporate work from local artists to accentuate the overall look of amusement parks. 

Water Barriers

Water barriers can be created by installing water features such as fountains, ponds, and streams. Water barriers not only look visually appealing but also provide a calming and relaxing environment for visitors to enjoy. Moreover, they can boost local ecosystems by offering a haven for birds and other wildlife to thrive. While they can add to the cost of maintenance, many community parks in urban locations lean toward water barriers to make public spaces engaging and beautiful. 


Planters make excellent barrier choices in public spaces like amusement parks since they can house beautiful flowers, shrubs, and perennials, adding to the greenery of the space. These days, many cities are incorporating planters made from eco-friendly materials to curb their carbon footprint. Planter boxes are an excellent choice for any urban location since they boost community engagement and the aesthetics of outdoor spaces. 


Bollards are short, sturdy posts that make excellent physical barriers between areas. They can be made of metal, concrete, or plastic and can be designed to match the park’s theme. Bollards are particularly useful for creating a barrier around outdoor seating areas, queuing areas, or locations unsafe for visitors.


Plexiglass is a transparent and shatter-resistant material that does an incredible job of creating a physical barrier between visitors and rides or attractions. It can be used to create partitions in queue lines and unsupervised areas or to enclose attractions that require a physical barrier, such as bumper cars.

Work With TerraCast To Make Amusement Parks Safe

When choosing a barrier option for amusement parks, it is crucial to consider safety, durability, and the park’s aesthetic. The chosen barrier should be able to withstand heavy use and exposure to the elements, while also ensuring the safety of visitors. This is why we recommend TerraCast’s eco-friendly products that make a great pair for commercial spaces. To learn more about how we make our products or get a quote from an expert, contact TerraCast today!