The Most Affordable Way to Fix Light Pole Base Wear and Tear

The Most Affordable Way to Fix Light Pole Base Wear and Tear

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Have you noticed extreme light pole base wear and tear? It’s very common for the bottom of lampposts to break down faster than the rest of the pole. Here’s why: Most traditional light pole bases have seams and the interior lacks powder coating or an enamel finish. As a result, salts and moisture can seep inside and lead to corrosion. Hence, why it’s so common to see light pole base damage before the rest of the lamppost appears worn.

So, when does light pole base damage become bad enough that you need to replace the entire fixture? There was a time when you’d need to replace the entire pole to prevent complete collapse or instability. But, now, thanks to our unique Light Post Base, there’s a far more affordable option in town. TerraCast Light Post Bases fit over most standard sized light poles, offering coverage, protection, and improved appearances in a snap, literally.

What Sets Our Light Poles Apart?

Long before we got into the business of making light pole bases, we got extremely good at making long lasting light poles using advanced technologies and durable materials. In fact, our Classic PolySteel® Lampposts are made to weather just about any storm and are considered an industry leader for street light technology.

Each Classic PolySteel® Lamppost is made with an inner core of galvanized steel. The steel core is protected by a thick layer of polyurethane foam, which is tasked with protecting the pole’s inner core from corrosive elements. The foam also creates the shape of the pole. On top of the thick foam layer, we add a quarter-inch of Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) resin. This type of resin is in the plastics family, it’s incredibly durable and meant to be in the outdoors for many years.

  • Our lampposts weigh 5 to 10 times less than traditional poles made from concrete or metal.
  • Our lampposts are more affordable to order, ship, and install.
  • Lampposts are manufactured right here in the USA using sustainable manufacturing processes. For instance, our ovens are fueled by natural gas and we use reclaimed water for cooling chambers.
  • Resin-based materials can be made using nearly 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

Don’t Replace, Rebase!

Each Light Post Base is made with the same high quality materials and attention to detail. Bases easily click-on and attach to most standard sized lampposts, helping you save money and hassles. We make resin bases, as well as standard and custom aluminum bases.

Benefits of our Light Post Bases

  • First and foremost, it’s super easy to attach the base onto a preexisting fixture.
  • It’s more affordable to buy a new base instead of an entirely new pole.
  • Adding a new base helps slow down damage by preventing moisture, salts, and other corrosive elements from getting inside.
  • The appearance of lampposts look much better when the base is in good condition. Take an ugly eyesore and make it look good again.
  • Bases last for many years and help current lampposts last a lot longer.

If light poles are relatively new or do not show much sign of damage just yet, it’s just as beneficial to add a protective lamppost base. This can help deter damage from starting in the first place. This is especially true if lampposts are made from concrete, metal, or other porous materials.

Common Causes of Lamppost Corrosion & Failure

A corroded lamppost is a recipe for disaster. In the past, we’ve shared real-world examples about what can happen to a long-ignored lamppost in need of repairs. Back in 2015, a badly corroded lamppost in San Francisco fell into the street, just barely missing a person. That’s not the first or only time it’s happened. If the base of a lamppost becomes corroded enough, it will lose stability. At which point, it could cause serious property damage, injury, or even death.

Perhaps the most common reason lampposts fail is because they are made from materials that are not intended to spend many years exposed to the elements. Over time, these exposures build and weaken the stability of the lamppost.

Some of the most common reasons lampposts fail include:

  • Lack of maintenance/oversight of existing issues
  • Lampposts are incredibly old and have gone without replacement for years.
  • Dogs or other animals constantly use the pole to lift their leg—urine is highly corrosive.
  • Direct hits from vehicles that go unreported and slowly weaken the structure until it falls.
  • High salinity—for instance, coastal environments where high salinity levels increase rate of corrosion.

There’s no need to waste money replacing lighting fixtures when you don’t have to! Find out how much money you could save by rebasing instead of replacing. See our Light Post Bases Here: