We have a bench to fit most commercial landscaping application.

Terracast Benches

TerraCast® Benches are made from 100% recycled HDPE material that will last far longer than benches made of wood, metal, and other traditional materials. Our benches are extremely durable, easy to clean and maintenance-free. They will never rot, splinter, or need refinishing. Personalization with custom engraving or plaques is available upon request.

We also offer ADA compliant benches that meet recommendations set in United States Access Boards’ Guidelines and Standards. All of our backed benches meet the ADA seat height guideline, and the Traditional ADA Bench meets the additional recommendations providing full back support and armrests to assist sitting and standing.

Custom Options
Quality Of Design

Terracast Bench Styles

At TerraCast®, we have a wide variety of styles and colors of benches for you to choose from. Our benches are commercial grade for heavy outdoor usage, while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Donate a Park Bench Program

 The Donate a Park Bench Program was developed to help local governments save tax dollars on site furnishing products. Once the local government sets up the program for its community, it allows individuals, companies, and charity groups to donate specified items such as tables, benches, bike racks, and trash receptacles. They can be used for parks, walkways, bike trails, city streets, schools, or other public spaces. Each item can be personalized with a plaque or custom engraving for recognizing the donor or a community group or as a memorial bench for loved ones. It provides a great opportunity for local companies to promote their businesses, and there is no cost to local governments or coordinating agencies. Contact us today to learn more!

Benefits of Donate a Bench Program

  • No cost to the local government
  • No cost to taxpayers
  • Promotes local businesses
  • Increases local tax base
  • Supports local community outreach
  • Monuments for veterans and public servants
  • Memorialize loved ones
  • Fundraising programs

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All of our products are made in America. All offices, warehouses, facilities and factories stand proud on US soil. Originally founded in 1969, we have remained an American owned and operated company.

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A Terracast® product is designed to beat out the competition in every conceivable way. Our products are customizable, lightweight, weather/graffiti resistant, eco-friendly, and almost indestructible.

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