Bus Stops in the Netherlands Are Getting Green Roofs – Here’s Why

Bus Stops in the Netherlands Are Getting Green Roofs – Here’s Why

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There are countless benefits to green rooftops – they are better for the environment, help reduce electricity costs, and offer a pick-me-up for everyone who sees them. That’s why we are so excited to hear that bus stops in the Netherlands are getting green rooftops.

Every single bus stop in the city of Utrecht (that’s 316 bus stops) are getting a green rooftop that’ll be adorned in sedum plants. The succulents are good for improving air quality, and they’ll also help improve deteriorating pollinator populations.

The city is also adding them to their bus stops because they are excellent at storing rain water, as well as actively capturing dust particles from the air, and creating a cooling effect during the heat of summer.

The city is undertaking a major overhaul on their transit shelters, and the new green rooftops are only part of the effort. In addition, they will be adding solar panels to all of their bus stops over the next several years. Plus, the city will be swapping out their current transportation vehicles for electric buses. The overall goal? To create an entirely carbon-neutral transit fleet by the year 2028.

The city of Utrecht is also trying to promote residents to take similar steps by getting rid of old rooftop tiles for sedum roofing or solar panels. “A green roof is good for a healthy and livable city … that can therefore better cope with climate problems. It helps to prevent flooding and ensures that we suffer less from heat,” the city writes on their official website.

They add: “A good time to install a green roof is when your old roof covering is worn out or if you still have to replace a roof with asbestos.”

5 Benefits of Green Rooftops

No matter if you are a bus stop, apartment building, or residential home, there are so many benefits to adding a green rooftop. In fact, our products have helped to install green rooftops around the US and our customers are constantly raving about the benefits they receive as a result.

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Green rooftops are especially beneficial in urban areas where natural landscapes are quickly being replaced by a sea of concrete and brick. Here are some of the key benefits:

#1. Mitigate Stormwater Runoff

Stormwater runoff is a big issue in urban cities, and one of the main issues green rooftops are credited with solving. Rainwater rapidly runs off of building rooftops, which increases flooding issues, erosion, and in some cases, causes raw sewage to flow into city rivers and waterways. In addition, it creates more water that must be treated before it is potable.

Green rooftops soak up rainwater in surprising quantities. In fact, some studies have found green roof systems are capable of storing as much as sixty to one-hundred percent of the storm water they take in.

#2. Longer Lifespan for Your Roof

Green rooftops tend to have a longer lifespan than traditional rooftops because the vegetation offers protection from ultra-violet rays as well as drastic temperature fluctuations otherwise responsible for deteriorating roof membranes.

#3. Cooling Effect

Vegetation produces a cooling effect that radiates from the roof all the way down into the structure – thus reducing cooling costs (yet another benefit of green roofs). Think of the plants like a layer of added insulation, because that’s exactly how they operate, shading the roof so that the structure soaks up and stores less heat. This helps reduce energy usage as well as mitigate the heat island effect – a major problem in urban cities where mass stretches of concrete and man-made materials cause temperatures to spike.

#4. Improve Wildlife

Adding more greenery is also good for the promotion of wildlife – from butterflies to pollinating bees, and birds too. Plants help fuel entire populations of critters that our planet depends on to survive. A green roof gives wildlife a habitat that helps them survive.

#5. Improve Human Wellbeing

It’s not just good for the birds and the bees. Green rooftops are also good for humans. A wide range of studies have found that exposure to greenery improves mental wellbeing for people of all ages. At the end of the day, being around plants provides a more aesthetically pleasing and healthy environment for people to live and work in.

All in all, green rooftops provide a greater return on investment than other type of traditional rooftop. Looking to install a green rooftop to your home, business, apartment complex, or anywhere else? Shop TerraCast rooftop planters. Our planters are made from sustainable materials right here in the USA. They are durable, long lasting, lightweight, reliable, and fully customizable.