Can Resin Planters Withstand Winter

Can Resin Planters Withstand Winter

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If you live in an area that gets freezing in the winter and want to keep plants outdoors, one of your primary concerns might be whether your planters can withstand the rigors of winter or not. While you might think the best thing to do is move any plants indoors—if possible—plants can survive the outdoor temperatures if cared for and housed properly. 

One key to keeping them alive is making sure you have a planter that can withstand the cold weather, and of all the different types available, those made with resin particularly stand out for their ability to withstand the cold and overall durability in any environment. Here are several things to consider when it comes to keeping outdoor plants in colder climates. 

Why Some Planters are Unsuitable for the Cold 

Some materials used to make pots and planters are just not able to withstand rapid fluctuations in temperature and freezing weather. Materials like clay or ceramic are permeable, meaning they have spaces between their particles for moisture to gather. When this happens, and the water begins to freeze, it will expand until it cracks the pot, even if empty. 

While you might get away for one or two winters using such materials, it is unlikely that it will last very long in a freezing climate. Ceramic pots will even split in two if it absorbs just a little bit of water and begins to expand. That is why it is essential to use a planter that can withstand even the most extreme weather changes, or else your plants will need new pots almost every winter.

What is Resin?

Resin is not your average plastic. It is a composite blend that is rotationally molded into a strong, pliable product that can offer the same qualities as stone or metal while being more cost-effective and lightweight. The formula to make it gives it a durable and elastic quality that will prevent breaking, cracking, or shattering, as well as the ability to withstand all kinds of wear and abuse. You could even try to throw it off a multi-floor building or take several swings at it with a baseball bat, only to find it undamaged. 

While many types of plastic are weak and lack durability – such as those found in many grocery or hardware stores – resin does not share the same weakness. If you are looking for something easily movable that will outlast any harsh environment, consider purchasing resin planters for your outdoor plants. 

What Makes Resin Great for Winter 

Resin possesses several qualities that make it an ideal candidate for outdoor planters. It is a non-hygroscopic material, meaning it will not absorb any water. This will help prevent water from accumulating, making it significantly more resistant to the effects of constant freezing and thawing cycles, and it can be left outside without worry. 

Additionally, it is not vulnerable to corrosion or rust like metal, and its light weight makes it easy to relocate or move indoors should you wish to do that. While Resin is not the only material that can withstand the cold, it is the most versatile material that can withstand a variety of different environments while still being light and cost-effective. 

Other Tips 

Keeping your plants alive in the winter requires more than just the right planter. Other tips to help keep everything healthy and in good shape include ensuring pots and planters are draining properly, as excess water is an invitation for cold temperatures to start freezing it and harming the plants. Additionally, large planters offer more insulation, protecting the plants from the cold. 

Choose TerraCast’s Resin Planters

Resin’s qualities make it ideal for planters left outdoors in freezing temperatures. If you are looking for tough planters that can withstand any environment or weather conditions while being lightweight and cost-efficient, consider using TerraCast’s resin planters to house your plants.