Counting Down The Most Popular Wedding Flowers of 2015

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Get ready for your wedding by choosing the right flowers.

Here we are in the midst of wedding season and it seems like everyone is saying “I do!” Flowers are an essential component of weddings, and in proof the average wedding budget includes $1,000 to $2,000 dollars earmarked for floral arrangements. People often spend far more than this average price in order to create a very lush and extravagant appearance.

There are so many aspects of the wedding that require flowers, such as the bridal bouquets, bridesmaids bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, altar arrangements, table centerpieces, toss bouquets, cake flowers, place settings and more.

If you are in the midst of planning a wedding here are ten of the most popular wedding flowers worthy of saying ‘I do’!


According to the Wedding Report, roses are the number one most popular wedding flower. In fact, 20% of all brides request roses for their wedding. It’s quite fitting considering roses are a symbol of love. Available in shades of pinks, whites and reds, there is a perfect rose color for every wedding. Mixing different shades of pretty roses in one centerpiece can make for extra impressive appeal. Roses are also very sturdy, which is important with all of the chaos and people involved in a wedding.


After roses, hydrangeas make for the second most popular wedding flower coveted by brides. The hydrangea flower is a sign of true, heartfelt emotion, which is exactly what your wedding is all about. Hydrangeas come in a wide variety of colors including blues, yellows, whites and pinks. The full, round shape of this flower fills out centerpieces with precise beauty. Hydrangeas also vary in size, as you can get baby hydrangeas that measure 3.5” to 5.5”, as opposed to the largest hydrangea that measures between 7” to 10”. There are also options between these two sizes.

Best flowers for this year


Lilies are the third most popular flower for weddings. These elegant flowers provide a classy look paired with a gorgeous scent. Lilies have remained a popular flower for over 3,000 years, and stand as a sign of purity and refined beauty. There are multiple offspring of lilies, such as the Asiatic lily, which offers the same beautiful bloom but with less perfume.


Weddings are all about splurging so why not splurge on peonies? The peony is known to represent happiness, which is exactly what any wedding day should be full of. The beautiful fluffy petals of this flower help fill out planters, centerpieces and bouquets. Peonies add a lot of texture as well, so if your wedding theme is based around light colors this can add the contrast necessary to make a big statement without a lot of color. Plus, peonies are widely known for their delicious fragrance—and who doesn’t want their wedding to smell amazing?

Calla Lilies

The trumpet shaped petals of Calla Lilies is beautiful enough to make everyone swoon. The long stem stands out and can even provide an alternative for bridesmaid bouquets in order to save some money. Calla lilies come in a variety of colors, including white, pinks, reds and blues.


If you are planning to say ‘I Do’ in a tropical location, orchids are a must-have flower for weddings. Orchids are known for their charm and beauty, and come in colors ranging from white, purple and green. Orchids are most popularly employed for weddings with a more modern theme. Orchids are often used to decorate centerpieces, bouquets and even corsages.

Did you know there are over 25,000 variations of Orchids grown all over the world? The variance in color, style and climate offers something for every wedding.

Should You Avoid Pricey Wedding Flowers?

Some flowers are far pricier than others, such as peonies or cattleya orchids. The price tag on these flowers often tends to scare people away, but they are not necessarily a bad idea even if you are trying to stick to a tighter floral budget. Pricier flowers tend to take up more space and create a greater impact than more affordable floral options. As a result, you end up needing less of them to make the statement you are after. Plus, mixing and matching is always an option!

Mixed white wedding flowersWhat Flowers Are Available For Your Wedding?

Depending on when your wedding is, there are different flowers that will be in season. The following list does not include all of the flowers available at different times of the year, but instead provides some of the more popular selections accordance to blooming patterns.

Wedding Flowers Available Year Round:

Bachelor’s Button, Calla lilies, Carnations, Delphiniums, Gardenias, Heather, Lily of the valley, Orchids, Baby’s Breath, Roses, Scabiosas, Proteas

Wedding Flowers Available In Summer:

Lilies, Lisianthus, Bells of Ireland, Alstroemerias, Chrysanthemums, English lavenders, Forget me nots, Freesia, Gerbera daisies, Hydrangeas, Irises, Larkspurs, Liatrises, Tuberoses, Stock flowers, Sunflowers, Zinnias, Yarrows, Statices, Solidastors, Lisianthus, Matsumoto Asters, Monte Casino Asters, Queen Anne’s Laces, Snapdragons

Wedding Flowers Available In Spring:

Bells of Ireland, Casablanca Lily, Daffodils, Delphiniums, Hyacinths, Lilacs, Narcissi, Peonies, Stargazer lilies, Ranunculi, Sweet peas, Tulips, Anemones, Boronia, Waxflowers

Wedding Flowers Available in Fall:

Sttices, Zinnias, Chrysanthemums, Dahlias, Asters, Marigolds

Wedding Flowers Available in Winter: Forget me nots, Hollies, Jasmines, Narcissus, Poinsettias, Ranunculus, Stargazer lilies, Stars of Bethlehem, Sweet peas, Tulips, Wax flowers, Amaryllis, Anemones, Bells of Ireland, Daffodils, Cosmos, Camellias, Casablanca lilies

Is the flower you are coveting for your wedding unavailable during the season of your affair? Everything is possible, so no need to worry. If you are looking for local flowers you will be limited but in today’s day and age many flowers are imported from other parts of the world where they are currently in season.

How To Take Your Wedding Flowers Over The Top

Floral arrangements and the planters used to hold them up are just as important as the actual flowers. Specialized planters can be made with the bride and groom’s initials engraved on the side for an extra special touch.

If you are looking to take your wedding flowers to the next level, TerraCast Products offers personalized planters fit for any occasion.