Five Clever Front-Entry Landscaping Ideas

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Why save the garden for any other part of your workspace when you can add colors and blooms to the front entry? First impressions are crucial – something that resonates with the front of your establishment. Many people will interact with this area – from the mailman to customers and clients who visit you – so enhancing your curb appeal makes perfect sense. 

If you live somewhere where your foliage only blooms for a few seasons, it is easy to put the garden on a back burner for the rest of the year. With that said, adding greenery to your exterior is easy and fun. With so many plants and pots, finding the best fit for your property can be daunting – especially if you have never tapped into gardening. To make this project more manageable, we have compiled some popular front-entry landscaping ideas from professional designers. 

Symmetry is Timeless

Symmetry in design ideas is something that many people find attractive and relatable. For an easy, and yet effective way to enhance your front entry, consider decluttering and adding symmetry with planters. For instance, two planters on either side of your main door will draw everyone’s attention toward the entrance. TerraCast’s resin planters are perfect for this idea since they can add functionality and an element of luxury to the front entry. 

Enhance Your Walkway

Enhancing your walkway can go a long way to accentuate the front entry of your store or office. A nice walkway exudes charm and welcoming elements that make guests feel at ease. Adding lamp posts to a walkway is a great way to illuminate the surrounding and create a defined path for people to traverse. You can add planters along the way to boost the definition of the walkway or keep it minimalistic with lanes of pea gravel or marble chip gravel. 

Add Contrast

If you are working with an all-white background, consider injecting some colors to make your front entry pop. Massive succulents, grasses, and designer planters are a great way to add personality to the main entrance. Adding high-contrast colors helps to stand out from the crowd and highlight an otherwise neutral space. TerraCast’s lineup of modern resin planters is long-lasting and perfect for any commercial landscaping project. 

Trial and Error

Why settle for one type of design when you can have a few? Giving your front entry a lush and ethereal feel is easy if you incorporate plant species of different shapes and colors. Plants of varying heights can accentuate certain areas of the walkway while enhancing the foliage of your space. Hanging plants is another excellent option to accessorize your exterior. For the best results, keep smaller plants close to the main door and medium foliage towards the middle of the walkway for balance. 

Experimenting with Textures

If you want the landscaping around your front entry to stand out, consider offsetting its prime elements with a contrasting material. For example, add gravel at the base of the planters instead of mulch. Layering different textures allows you to create a more detailed palette that is pleasing to the eyes and lingers around in the minds of visitors. Since concrete structures have limited finishes, adding different types of stones, planters, and other embellishments can go a long way to building a welcoming front entry. 

If you want to enhance the front entry of your business, store, or office, TerraCast can help. Our lineup of commercial planters can be a great addition to any landscaping idea. Made from LLDPE, our aesthetically modern resin products are durable and resistant to the detriments of elements. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can boost your curb appeal.