Growing Focus on Sustainable Initiatives

Growing Focus on Sustainable Initiatives

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Sustainability has become increasingly popular over the years. Yet, even with growing concerns regarding climate change, only a handful of companies are truly dedicated to developing cost-effective landscaping solutions.

Since being eco-friendly or sustainable isn’t a term to be used lightly, you should ensure the products you purchase are from brands that are sincerely committed to taking all the necessary steps to become sustainable. By doing so, you are not only helping yourself in your pursuit of green consumerism but also the rest world with the worsening pollution around us.

Sustainability Over The Years 

In the past decade, being sustainable has become sort of a trend. The term “sustainable” is often thrown around casually as a marketing ploy to entice environmentally-conscious consumers. To believe in a brand that markets as “sustainable,” you need to make sure they are genuinely committed to creating eco-friendly products.

The Environmental Benefits of Resin Products 

Resin-based products offer benefits that are unique to the resin material. One of these core benefits is its ability to be entirely environmentally friendly. Unlike other materials, resin-based products undergo sustainable manufacturing processes that put the environment first! To understand this better, let’s look at how resin-based products play a crucial role in water conservation, waste recycling, and impact management. 

  1. Conserve Water 

An often overlooked environmental concern is water wastage. As the years have gone by water waste has become a growing problem due to negligence and lack of initiative. If you are committed to making a difference, try different sustainable practices that make use of reclaimed water. In addition, different systems can also be set in place so each stage in the production cycle is in line with the green initiative.

Innovation in space has also led to the creation of a new avenue for water conservation with self-watering systems that minimize water wastage all the while improving efficiency. Through these sustainable initiatives, you can address water wastage without having to go through costly and unnecessary means.

  1. Reduce Waste

By reusing post-consumer recycled materials, products can achieve full recyclability. For instance, black products are typically considered the most environmentally friendly option. Product innovation has evolved to the point wherein resin can be made entirely from these recyclable materials. Though these products have limited color variations, the manufacturing process focuses on reducing potential wastage by prioritizing the longevity of the resin-based product.

With sustainable innovation and constantly evolving resin products, you can now have both durable and sustainable products that can last decades. Investing in these types of initiatives implies you can potentially save money and reduce the cost of replacements down the line.

  1. Lower Impact Products

Lastly, resin-based products are lower-impact products. Through the advancements in the aforementioned sustainable manufacturing process and the use of post-consumer recyclable materials, the world of resin-based products is now a great alternative to other basic planter materials such as wood, metal, and even fiberglass.

  1. Making A Difference 

As the entire manufacturing process is carried out in the USA, TerraCast can deliver on all ends of quality assurances without fail. By keeping all manufacturing and sourcing processes local, we can offer the products promised without wavering on our commitment to lessening the overall carbon footprint. 

Brands often insist on importing materials and products to cut down on costs. In doing so, they deprive our environment of essential resources. TerraCast creating the best home-grown resin products isn’t just a mere claim. TerraCast guarantees quality and sustainable products that are American-made. 

For more information, contact our team so we can help you bring your vision to life with our industry-leading TerraCast products!