How to Clean TerraCast Resin Products

How to Clean TerraCast Resin Products

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We are all surrounded by some product of sorts. And their existence serves either a general or a specific purpose in our lives. In most cases, they positively enrich our lives and that’s why maintaining them using the right methods is critical. This not only boosts their longevity but also ensures that they are serving their intended purpose the right way. 

Large commercial planters are one such product. You will find them majorly in commercial buildings such as restaurants, offices, hotels, and retail stores among others. Whether indoor or outdoor planters, cleaning them is an essential routine that should be given the right focus. 

Considering the materials that they are made out of, the methods of cleaning them vary from one to another. TerraCast Resin products are made out of linear low-density polyethylene. Today, we look at the dos and don’ts of cleaning TerraCast Resin Products.


  •     Do Regular Dusting.

Regular dusting of TerraCast large commercial planters ensures the retention of the textured detail on the plantar surface. With this, you can maintain the intended feel created by having these planters in the commercial space. Regular dusting can be done using a soft towel and a soft brush. It can also include dump dusting.

  •     Use Mild soap.

While doing regular cleaning, use a mild dish soap that is gentle on the surface of the planter. Also, use plain and warm water. Rinsing should be done immediately after cleaning it with dish soap. Using dish soap goes a long way to retaining the original look of the planter’s surface.

  •     Wipe spills and leaks immediately.

It might be a hassle to always ensure that liquid spills and leaks have been cleaned off the resin products. But if they are left for a long time, they may lead to permanent stains. Ruining the original finish that came with your planter.


  •     Use of abrasive cleaners

Always avoid using abrasive materials or detergents made from abrasive minerals. These materials will tarnish the final finishing of the planter. And that is the last thing we want for the resin product. A pro tip is to always inspect the ingredients of the cleaning products you will use. Most importantly, they should not have corrosive chemicals. 

  •     Scrape or scrub

Scrubbing or scraping of stains on the surface of the planters is not ideal. What is ideal is to seek professional help on how to go about removing tough stains. Most of the time, answers are always with the manufacturers of the resin products.

  •     Regular use of ‘harsh cleansers’

We all have those days when we want to do a thorough cleaning. Oftentimes, it’s after a long time of neglecting our normal cleaning routine and product maintenance. In this case, use of harsh cleansers can be used sparingly. This should be followed up by rinsing using enough water. Doing this ensures that cleansing residues are completely removed from the planter. However, this should only be used during desperate times, otherwise, do consider professional advice.


TerraCast uses linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) to make large commercial planters which add to the feel of the commercial space. They introduce color to the space and they add flair to the commercial landscape space to mention but a few. 

TerraCast resin products are highly durable and resistant to outside weather conditions. However, this does not mean that they should be left alone without care. Reach out to TerraCast large commercial planters and check out their wide range of planters. They have exactly what you are looking for!