How To Create Contemporary Landscapes That Work

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How To Create Contemporary Landscapes That Work

As contemporary design becomes more and more popular, it is showing up in a lot of landscapes. For the last 10 years contemporary landscaping has been on the rise in the UK, and has now made its way to the US. Clean lines outlined by ‘hard’ materials, like stone or wood, define contemporary landscapes. Contemporary style is meant to be casual and natural, making guests feel comfortable by playing on inner comforts.

HGTV defines contemporary gardening by everything it is not—it is not formal or rigid, but at the same time it does include some structure. While contemporary landscaping allows for more freedom than modern garden design, contemporary landscape still upholds the ideology that less is more.

It’s not just tree-hugging hippies that want to save the rain forest these days, we are all experiencing a cultural shift focused on preserving our precious planet. This is one reason why the contemporary style movement thrives. Gardens are so great for contemporary design because this style is all about letting the natural rays of the sun shine in—and what better place to play up mother nature than with tress and plants?

Using a number of techniques you can create the perfect contemporary outdoor space! Here we provide answers about what you need to know in order to create a truly stunning contemporary landscape design.

Modern Landscape Design Vs. Contemporary Landscape Design

Modern landscape and contemporary landscape are often confused, but both are not the same. Modern gardens are all about hard lines and minimalist touches, and they often include very simple materials like concrete or metals. So while contemporary landscaping also relies on simplicity, it includes more natural accents such as wood paneling. While modern landscape demands clean, crisp lines, contemporary landscape lends more room for creativity and crooked lines.

Modern design can be very prosthetic looking, but contemporary design relies on the natural elements. You will want to play into the surrounding focal points as you plan your modern landscape design, using surrounding trees and shrubs as inspiration.

Is Contemporary Landscaping Right For You?

Contemporary landscaping is just one of many styles. In the world of potted plants and gardening there are many different styles to choose from, cottage gardens, rock gardens, Asian gardens, and so many more! So before settling on contemporary you should make sure it is the right look for you and the project at hand. For instance, the building that sets the backdrop for your landscape should also be contemporary in style in order to create a cohesive appearance.

10 Key Elements of Contemporary Garden Design

Once you’ve decided that contemporary landscaping is right for you, you might be wondering—now what? Contemporary gardens can be dark or light; they can include lots of foliage, or minimal foliage. There are a variety of ways you can spruce up a space with contemporary design, here are some key elements to keep in mind while doing so.

1. When it comes to contemporary plant design, you want to use only a few different plant varieties throughout the entire landscape. Too many types of flowers or plants will take away from your contemporary vibe.

2. Grasses are commonly used for contemporary gardens. Large, or small, swaths of grass offer a natural way to create borders and shape.

3. Adding LED lighting to paved walkways, garden walls, or potted plants offers a surplus of benefits. Contemporary gardens often feature lighting elements that highlight cool aspects after the sun goes down.

4. Curved lines are welcome in contemporary landscape design, so go ahead and add some curve-appeal! Sharp-straight lines are popular in contemporary outdoor designs, but jagged rocks and other standout diversities can serve to break up these stricter edges.

5. Flowers are a great addition to any landscaping, although for contemporary design you want some structure as opposed to wild-growing flowers. Potted plants and flowerbeds outlined by some type of border help contain and clean up foliage.

6. Take a stroll through the grass without getting your shoes wet by adding walkways using stones, rocks, or other natural contemporary materials.

7. Square or circular shaped outdoor furniture grants a contemporary flair to your seating arrangements. If you pick circular seating, you should also go with circular accent tables, and so on. Keep the same shape fluent with all furniture or else you risk incorporating a different, more eclectic or rustic style.

8. Tall wooden fences that include diagonal lines instead of the traditional vertical lines are also refreshingly contemporary.

9. Intricate patterns made out of tiles or stone are also welcome, and can add a really nice touch to a walkway, seating area, or isolated space.

10. Instead of knocking down native plants and starting from scratch, work with the trees already present for a truly contemporary look. You can make a tree more contemporary by adding potted plants around the base, or a layer of colored bark. Plus, you will enjoy how easy native plants are to grow and maintain.

Potted Plants For Contemporary Landscape Design

Contemporary design allows room for curves, but straight lines are still important. Potted plants offer a great way to clean up flowers and create neat borders. Contemporary planters come in a wide variety of styles; they can big and bold, or more simple and discreet. Brightly colored pots pushed up against a fence or outlining a swimming pool helps to create the clean lines reminiscent of contemporary, while also adding that ‘wow’ factor (Read More on Contemporary Gardens).

For a contemporary design, you don’t want to clutter potted plants everywhere, remember, clean lines are still important, even though they don’t have to be followed at all corners. Aim for potted plants that match, or at least have a reoccurring theme. Since contemporary landscapes tend to keep things somewhat simple, if you do incorporate a dramatic and unique flower, say a large purple lavender blossom, do so sparingly so that it has a chance to stand out (See here).

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