Improved Self-Watering Reservoirs

Keiko Takenaka What's New

TerraCast® team is always looking for ways to improve our products! With our improved self-watering systems, we were able to increase the water capacity by 15%, allowing to extend the watering cycle even longer than our previous model. The nice thing about these is that it will prevent over-watering your plants, encouraging healthy growth. Regular irrigation systems can damage fragile flowers and other thin stemmed plantings. By using our self-watering reservoirs, you can save water, time, and money!

These reservoirs come in 4 different sizes to fit any planters, both TerraCast® and non-TerraCast®. All reservoirs come with fill tube and cap. Length of fill tube varies depending on the size of planters ordered, or you can indicate the desired length at the time of order.

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