Resin Planters and Light Pole Bases will not break, corrode, chip or mold.

TerraCast® products are formulated with an impact resistant composition called Linear Low Density Polyethylene.

Can’t be broken

You could take a baseball bat to any one of our products and nothing would happen, except that you would only feel recoil and might lose your grip on the bat.

We’ve seen them get hit by a car. The airbags deployed, but the car, driver and passengers suffered only minor injuries. The scene was cleaned up and the planters were returned to their proper positions.

We have even thrown them off the roof with no damage!


Our resin products are more cost-effective than any other material. They’re less expensive to manufacture, ship, deliver and install. So, TerraCast® resin products save money, and also save cars and save lives!

Freeze and Thaw

Another amazing quality featured on the superhero list is the extreme freeze and thaw abilities. A characteristic that sets resin a league above other materials is the capacity for withstanding extreme conditions.

During extreme and rapidly changing temperatures, resin is un-phased. Almost any and all other materials are susceptible to damage from extreme and rapid temperature change.

For example, if you have a clay, stone or concrete planter filled with soil, (which is way too heavy to be brought inside) and that soil freezes overnight, cracks tend to develop. Those cracks worsen with every freeze and eventually the stone will start to crumble.

TerraCast® resin products have a freeze and thaw tolerance range of -40 degrees to 140+ degrees so you can leave them outside in the Sahara desert, or the Arctic tundra, with no problem.


They’re also non-hydroscopic and non-porous, so unlike stone, clay or concrete products, resin doesn’t allow for any erosion or leaking. Anything you put inside stays inside, and things that are outside, stay outside.

Accidents Happen

One of the unique things about our lampposts is that if a car hits it, it’s designed to break away and fall down. A concrete light pole has no similar contingency plan, but if it does break or fall on you, that’s two to four THOUSAND POUNDS, whereas a resin light pole weighs a few hundred pounds. Imagine the difference in damage caused, not to mention cleanup and replacement costs.

No Weak Spots, like Hercules

Anything with powder coat or baked enamel finish is susceptible to scratching or scraping from bike chains, or a runaway grocery cart. Any small nick or scrape creates a tiny spot of weakness. That weak spot eventually becomes an entry point for corrosion to come creeping in. That damage cannot be undone and, like time, corrosion cannot be slowed or reversed.

Terracast® lampposts are impervious to this type of issue. Even if someone does manage to scrape or scratch a PolySteel™ lamppost, they would never get all the way through the quarter-inch outer layer of LLDPE resin, and under the resin shell there’s still a thick layer of foam encasing the core.

PolySteel™ resin lampposts are impervious to nicks, scratches and dings from things like shopping carts, skateboards, bike chains, or other human devices. Also, they are not painted, but the exterior resin layer is flame treated before it leaves the factory.

The color permeates throughout the resin. There’s never a need to maintain or repaint. There is no paint to chip, crack or flake, so corrosion has no entry point to work its way in. The core will remain safely isolated from the elements, and the surface will retain its color and beauty for a lifetime.

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