Indoor Planters in Restaurants

Indoor Planters in Restaurants

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When restaurant décor is at a planning stage, restaurant owners should choose indoor and outdoor plants which match their restaurant décor. Every detail should create a pleasing and long-lasting impression in the minds of every customer who visits the restaurant. Restaurant owners should focus on partnering with TerraCast Products to choose the best planters to enhance the look and feel of the restaurant. Restaurants can choose planters to provide a fresh atmosphere to customers. Resin planters are a special kind of planters used in restaurants due to their durability, lightweight, and easy mobility. They are made of linear low-density polyethylene which is an environment-friendly and 100% recyclable material.

Reasons to Choose Plants and TerraCast Planters to Enhance Restaurant Décor

  • Plants Purify the Air: Every restaurant believes in creating a green environment that adds freshness and creates value and ambiance for customers. Research states customers prefer to dine on tables set near planters. Customers feel planters with live plants provide an attractive ambiance to enhance their experience. Customers also love restaurants that provide health benefits and comfort by adding plants. TerraCast Products can suggest suitable planters like Garland Rectangular, Grecian Square, Fluted Vase, and Grecian Round for plants to help in creating a green and clean environment for customers at the restaurant.
  • Plants Add Character to Décor: Plants are the simplest way to add attractive décor to restaurants. Every modern restaurant wants to add unique décor to their restaurants which draws customer attention. Plants add character to the overall restaurant layout and highlight the key features of any restaurant for its customers. Vines and creepers are other examples of plants which bring character to the restaurant’s décor.
  • Plants Create A Contrast: Live greenery always creates a positive environment and provides a fantastic contrast and balance to a commercially designed restaurant. Restaurant owners can choose restaurant upholstery and crockery in a contrasting color to complement the plants they select. TerraCast Products offer resin planters that are environment friendly and are focused on enhancing the ambiance of the restaurant.
  • Plants Add The Element Of Versatility: Resin planters offered by TerraCast Products are a unique way to add versatility when choosing plant décor for restaurants. Pots and vases of different shapes, colors, and sizes add more style to restaurants. Restaurants can choose plants and planters which match their color schemes and add character to the overall theme of the restaurant.

Tips for Using Plants in Restaurants

  • Restaurants must ensure plants stay healthy and get nurtured by restaurant staff.
  • It is a good idea to remove dead and diseased plants to avoid an unpleasant look in the restaurants.
  • Keep in mind plants require a lot of care, but restaurant owners can select plants which require minimal maintenance.
  • Indoor plants generally require lesser care and sustain for a longer duration if appropriate care is provided.
  • Choose plants wisely that blend with restaurants and bar décor.
  • Avoid placing plants randomly and cluttering the space.
  • Cactus is another variety for adding character to restaurants.
  • Restaurants should mix and match while choosing plants and planters for the restaurant including a variety of types, sizes, and colors that blend well with each other.
  • Keep in mind the space utilization which highlights the plants as a key feature of overall restaurant décor.
  • Use large planters in front of artwork frames to showcase the art and enhance the look of the restaurant.


TerraCast Products partners with restaurant owners to ensure customized solutions for effectively choosing the right planters. Customers can share their proper requirements through their website and select appropriate planters for the restaurant to add character and complement the ambiance. Restaurant owners should seek professional advice from TerraCast Products while choosing the best planters for their restaurant. Connect with TerraCast Products today to get the best planter solution for restaurants.