Inspirational Insight for Developing Municipal Landscapes

Inspirational Insight for Developing Municipal Landscapes

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From courtyards to city squares, there are many great examples of municipal landscapes across the world to seek inspiration from. Designing these spaces is no easy job. It takes a lot of consideration and planning to protect the best interests of the public regarding health and safety, as well as the usability and attractiveness of a space. A great municipal landscape redesign can have far-reaching positive effects on local businesses and people. For an example of this, look at Times Square in New York City.

Times Square, New York City

Once upon a time, Times Square was a tightly packed and difficult to navigate zoo. Thanks to a redevelopment project about 7-years ago, it’s a much easier space to navigate now. In fact, people love it and businesses have reported higher sales. The redesign was all about pedestrians and keeping it simple.

Vehicles were redirected elsewhere and the entire square was dedicated as a pedestrian space to gather, walk, or just stop and smell the roses—planted in TerraCast Planters! Designers kept things as simple as possible to accommodate many people and needs, today and into the future. They added lots of seating areas, expansive crosswalks, and electrical outlets—because we all know what it’s like to have a dead phone half-way through the day.

They also added TerraCast Planters, because what other planter could stand up to the challenges of Times Square? The plants tucked inside offer a pop of colorful nature in an otherwise deeply urban environment.

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Taking Local Conditions, Goals, & Regulations into Consideration

The Times Square renovation project had to consider the unique climate that is Times Square. A space constantly buzzing with people—both local and from all around the globe. A space that hosts world-famous events, alongside apartment buildings and everyday businesses.

Depending on where the space you have in mind is located, there are unique considerations to consider. For instance, some cities are focused on reducing water usage by implementing drought-friendly landscapes. Other cities are more focused on reducing glare and heat build-up. Determine where your local regulations stand so that you can plan accordingly. 

Additionally, take into consideration the people who will be utilizing a space to ensure it is safe and appropriately designed. All public spaces must be accessible to all.

Inspirational Ideas for Great Municipal Spaces Your Community Will Love

Patchwork Spaces

From tiles, to grass, to large concrete circles, there are a variety of materials you can mix and match to create patchwork floors in outdoor municipal spaces. Patchwork floors create a stand-out effect that can be used to take on a variety of styles depending on the size and shape of patchwork pieces, as well as the materials used.

Interactive Attractions

Partner with local artists or change-makers to create installations that get people learning and interacting. For instance, Pavegen is a company who has invented a way to convert footsteps into clean energy. They build installations at schools, city centers, and pretty much all over, where people can turn their own footsteps into energy. Imagine the possibilities of installing something like this in your community.

Innovative installations like this educate people, spark the minds of future game changers, and help build a better tomorrow. It also gives people a reason to visit a public square, or simply talk about it and intrigue others to go.

Water Elements

If you have the space, water elements can make a nice touch to public spaces. The soothing sounds help people relax and unwind, maybe sit back and stay a while.

Native Plants

Don’t forget to add native plants to pay tribute to the local area. Consider adding a sign that describes the type of plant and its local origins. The best part of all? Native plants are low maintenance.

Personalized Elements

Give a shout out to your hometown, city, or neck of the woods with personalized landscaping touches. You could have the name of your town etched in colorful rocks for all to see. Or, order custom planters from us with your city’s name and slogan printed right on them. Need to install park benches? We can add the name of your city—or just about anything else.

Custom order any color, design, or mold from us! From planters to lighting fixtures, we can help you create a municipal space as successful as Times Square. Contact us today to learn more.