City of Newburyport

Product: Step Planters

Installation Information

The City of Newburyport, MA, was searching for a more aesthetically pleasing solution to the large temporary barriers they had been using for their outdoor dining spaces since the summer of 2020 in response to the pandemic. Because of the harsh winter climate in Massachusetts, mobility was one of the critical elements for this project for the City to take down the parklets for storage during the winter. They designed and built nine modular parklets to help expand the outdoor dining capacity of local restaurants during the warmer spring and summer months. The newly installed parklets have a decking system with nautical details to better match the historic aesthetics of downtown Newburyport, while the TerraCast planters add colors and beautify the streetscapes. The parklet program has been a success, and the City plans to continue supporting the outdoor dining opportunities for many years to come, beyond the pandemic.

Location: Newburyport, MA

Project Year: 2021

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