Outdoor Landscape Lighting: 7 Tips That Every Business Should Know

Outdoor Landscape Lighting: 7 Tips That Every Business Should Know

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Outdoor landscape lighting is a crucial component to your business, it creates a first impression, helps keep patrons safer, adds an element of security, and can enhance beautiful elements of your landscaping. Here are some of the best commercial lighting tips to follow for success.

7 Tips for Commercial Landscape Lighting

1. Use 3 Different Types of Lighting

There are a lot of different types of lighting styles out there. The three basic types of lighting that every outdoor landscape plan should include are: ambient, accent and task lighting.

You can add ambient lighting through hanging lights, wall lights and post lights.

For task lighting, you’ll want to add pathway lights, security lights, and lights on the front of the building.

Accent lighting is best achieved through the use of spotlights or tree ring lights – lights that accent a certain feature, sign, or other landscaping element. Using a variety of different lighting elements will make a space look a lot more diverse and appealing to the eye, while adding to the overall functionality of the space as well.

#2. Think Through Fixture Size

It’s important to take fixture size into consideration when planning commercial landscape lighting. One tip is to replicate the size of a fixture using a piece of paper or box so that you can see how it’ll fill up the space. This will also help you identify the best placement for fixtures. For frame of reference, an outdoor wall light should measure around one-third the height of a nearby door.

#3. High Quality Weather Resistant Lighting Fixtures

It’s so important to use high quality fixtures that’ll last a long time and are resistant to weather and the elements. At TerraCast Products, we rely on a unique resin-based material to craft all of our lighting fixtures.

Our resin landscape lighting is unlike anything else. It is highly reliable and comes in a variety of colors and styles. Plus, we utilize LED bulbs for greater energy efficiency. The unique design and manufacturing process (which takes place right here in the USA) creates long lasting fixtures that can withstand all kinds of wear and tear from the elements.

Our fixtures do not rust or corrode, which is a common problem with lighting fixtures. Traditional lighting fixtures are coated with a thin layer of powder coat finish. Over time, this finish wears away and allows the elements inside. As a result, corrosion sets in and once this process starts it only gets worse until the entire fixture falls apart.

Bullet lights, rock lights, mushroom lights, square bollards and tree ring lights – we have a huge assortment of lighting fixtures. Shop our wide selection of long lasting lighting fixtures

#4. Consider How Landscape Lighting Looks from the Inside Out

Take a look at landscape lighting from the inside of your business looking out. This unique perspective can grant a lot of insight regarding what you do or don’t need.

Lighting up certain elements that can be seen from indoors, like a row of pretty bushes or a garden shrub, will bring the outdoors inside.

#5. Add Subtle Lighting to Certain Areas

While bright lights are great for pathways or lighting up a beautiful tree, there are certain parts of your landscaping where subtle lights are ideal. For instance, if you are lighting up a patio space where people will enjoy a meal or gather for conversation, subtle lighting is key. No one wants bright lights shinning in their face when they are trying to relax and enjoy conversation.
Concerned you’ll need brighter lights sometimes? One suggestion is to add a dimmer to lights so that you can turn them up as needed.

#6. Don’t Forget the Importance of Security

Outdoor lighting is great for ambiance but it’s also great for security purposes. Make sure that all entrances to your business are well lit. In addition, make sure to illuminate any areas where shadows tend to cast after dark. You could use a combination of spotlights or wall lanterns to do the trick.

#7. LED is the Way to Go

LED lighting fixtures are far more energy efficient than traditional bulbs. They cost a lot less to run and last a lot longer, which means you won’t have to replace them nearly as often. There are so many benefits to using LED bulbs, hence why so many businesses rely on them for landscape lighting – and why we use them exclusively for our lighting fixtures.