Overcoming The Problem of Graffiti in Urban Areas

Overcoming The Problem of Graffiti in Urban Areas

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Despite the various methods to prevent graffiti and vandalism, only a few are consistently effective in deterring unsightly tags and damage to property. Band-Aid solutions such as proper lighting and plant coverage may be slightly effective in deterring vandals. 

In most cases, however, retailers and business owners can benefit from increased reinforcement to effectively prevent graffiti and vandalism. It is often a combination of mechanisms that provides the most effective protection against these threats. The best strategies for retailers, businesses, and property owners who are subject to graffiti and vandalism are listed below.

Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti-graffiti film is among the most cost-effective methods of preventing graffiti and vandalism damage. It’s widely used as a strong deterrent to vandals and to reduce tagging on windows and other building surfaces. The anti-graffiti film, which is nearly invisible after installation, not only deters vandalism but also reduces the need for expensive glass replacement. A single window replacement can cost up to 10 times the cost of an anti-graffiti film setup.

Attachment Systems for Impact Protection

Impact protection attachment systems provide the most favorable protection for glass walls and windows and are frequently used together with anti-graffiti or surface protection films for best vandalism prevention. These systems are attached to the glass surface and window frame, forming a strong shield that protects against not only vandals and breaking, but also earthquakes, blasts, and other catastrophic events.

Anti-Graffiti Coatings and Paints

Anti-graffiti paint and coatings act as barriers, preventing tagging materials from abiding by the surface of a building. These products function essentially as special spray paints that form protective surfaces that graffiti tagging cannot penetrate. There are three types of anti-graffiti paints:

  • Permanent coating: Forms a protective barrier that prevents spray paint from sticking to the surface.  If the surface has been vandalized, a graffiti cleaner is enough to remove it.
  • Sacrificial coating: Creates a clear layer on the targeted surface.  When the coating is vandalized, it is removed or “sacrificed” with a pressure washer, together with the graffiti. After removing the old coating, a new one must be applied.
  • Semi-sacrificial coating: used to protect a wall’s surface pores If this coating is vandalized, it can be removed easily with a pressure washer and a graffiti removal cleaner. Depending on the condition of the graffiti, an additional coating may be applied after it has been removed.


Depending on the property, there are many different ways to create a barrier, some more elegant than others. Barriers can be dense plant life such as hedges, ivy, and shrubs or more customary solutions such as gates and fences. Designed to keep vandals from easily accessing walls, the extra effort required to climb over or around these barriers can deter vandals or divert their attention elsewhere. Vandalism and graffiti can be even more easily avoided when barriers are combined with anti-graffiti films and surface protection coatings.

Surface Protection Film with Multiple Layers

Multi-layer surface protection film, as the name suggests, is a flexible option that can be used for a variety of applications. It provides an easy way to deter graffiti and vandalism on exposed buildings. The multi-layer surface protection film is easily applied and can be used in vertical or horizontal applications, making it an ideal choice for virtually any type of smooth surface.

Other common measures for graffiti and vandalism prevention include installing surveillance cameras, floodlights or other illumination designs, signage, preventative murals, and other barriers that may deter vandals. TerraCast offers amazing anti-graffiti products that will help protect your property against vandalism. Contact them directly for a more customized offer.