Parklet and Streetery Design Ideas That Are Here to Stay

Parklet and Streetery Design Ideas That Are Here to Stay

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The inspiration behind parklets and streeteries comes from the idea of developing vibrant community spaces. Parklets are public spaces converted from parking spaces to serve as porches for the neighborhood. Businesses and residents can partner with local municipalities to build parklets and streeteries.  

Repurposing parking spaces for seating can help buildings better utilize off-street parking and offer residents a recreational space to enjoy with their friends and loved ones. While policies and regulations for designing parklets or streeteries differ from city to city, communities that adopted parklets have helped local businesses flourish. If you are building a parklet or streetery in your neighborhood, here are some design tips to remember. 

Safety First

Safety must be a top priority when designing parklets or streeteries for customers. Leaving a buffer between your parklet and the street will help pedestrians and drivers get a better sense of their allocated space. People visiting your streetery will likely feel safer if there is a clear distinction between moving traffic, bike lanes, and seating. 


Plants and trees are a surefire way to enhance the appeal of your parklet, with many more benefits. You can plant colorful flowers, edible plants, shrubs, and more to add greenery to your streetery. To help make your parklet sustainable, you can use planters made from eco-friendly materials, such as resin planters from TerraCast. 

Make It Your Own

If the parklet is an extension of your business, you should decorate it as such. More people will notice your business if you match its decor with your parklet. Furthermore, you can add themed furniture and decor outside to create a vibrant and lively space for your patrons. Whatever steps you take, ensure that your parklet represents your business in some shape or form. 

Sidewalk Bypass

By creating a sidewalk bypass, pedestrians can continue to use the sidewalk without disturbing your customers. Alternatively, you can expand your business to the edge of the curb and use the parklet space to create a sidewalk bypass. 

Playspace for Children

Building a successful streetery takes more than quality materials and space. When creating a recreational area in your neighborhood, providing utilities to your customers will go a long way in helping your parklet succeed. With that in mind, consider adding a playspace or a toy corner to attract patrons with kids. You can also add cartoon art and decor to make your place feel welcoming to children. 

Wheelchair Access

If you want to create a streetery that appeals to everyone, consider different mobility needs and accessibility. People with disabilities will find it easier to come in and out of the parklet if there is dedicated wheelchair access. It will also go to show your support toward those with disabilities. 

Don’t Forget The Roof

Your streetery is much more than floors and walls. The best streeteries put a lot of thought into what’s going to sit above patron’s heads. You can take several steps to make your streetery lucrative, such as installing string lights, sun sails for shade, and hanging plants. You can add benches with an overhead canopy to make your space more private. 

When it comes to beautifying outdoor spaces, TerraCast has many products, such as benches, planters, luminaires, and more, to help turn your dream project into reality. Our planters are made from a unique polymer resin that can help you create a safe and attractive space for patrons. Every product from TerraCast is long-lasting and comes in various shapes and sizes – making them perfect for a parklet or streetery decor. If you are ready to start, contact our team today to learn more about our products.