Perfect Potted Plants For The Patio

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Create The Perfect Potted Plants For The Patio

Potted Plants for the PatioLooking to spruce up your outdoor patio? Patio planters might be the winning answer. The first things you might think about adding to redecorate your patio are chairs, tables, and perhaps a swing of some sort. Furniture is always nice, but the greatest way to add beauty and design to your patio is to bring in some potted plants. Your patio area should make you happy, and it should also make your visitors happy. Since flowers and foliage are proven to boost your wellbeing, what better way to add gusto to your patio than with potted plants? Allow us to detail the best types of plants for patio container gardens along with tips to ensure your patio truly blooms.

What Makes A Great Potted Plant For Patios?

Patios are typically covered areas close to a building; meaning the best patio plants should thrive in the shade. They should also be appropriately sized for a space so that they have room to stretch out and grow. Pickier plants that require more specific care are nice on the patio because it’s easier to keep an eye on them.

You can put so many different potted plants on your patio and achieve beneficial results. Some plants are more popular than others when it comes to patio gardens.

Three popular and varied plants commonly used to decorate patios include:
1. Annuals—The Colorful Patio Plant

Annuals are a variety of colors; meaning you can pick your favorite shade to adorn your patio space. All summer annuals will bloom brightly, never letting you down. Some annuals can be planted directly in the sunlight, while others do better in the shade. Annuals get their name because in one year they grow from a seed to a flower that produces seeds. Meaning annual colors and bloom patterns can vary, but all will die out after one year is over.

Annuals are easy to fall in love with, but instead of using only annual patio planters it’s important to mix and match so that at least one plant remains in bloom all year. For instance, by adding perennials your garden will be bright long past summer. If it gets really cold where you live, you will want to bring perennials inside in the wintertime or else they will succumb to the frost. If you protect your perennials during the winter you will not have to replant them in the fall, as you will your annuals.

2. Japanese Maples—Small Patio Planter Tree

Japanese Maples are a small tree that can live in a big pot. There’s no better way to add privacy to your patio than with a small patio planter tree. Even if you are short on space you can still plant Japanese Maples, there are dwarf and semi-dwarf species of this plant available. Even an enclosed deck or covered patio with limited space can house a gorgeous potted tree.

Due to the unique shape of this plants’ branches, even after the leaves shed it remains looking great. Japanese Maples grow slowly, making them ideal for potted plants because you won’t have to upgrade the pot size all of the time to accommodate rapidly growing roots. If you have extreme winters it’s important to protect Japanese Maples in the wintertime.

3. Succulents—On Trend + Low Maintenance Patio Plants

For a long time succulents were not that popular, intriguing only to a very specific style. As of recently though, succulents have become an incredibly popular potted plant found on patios all around the world. Succulents are extremely easy to care for and come in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. You can combine multiple succulents in the same pot or area in order to bring out bright colors that play on one another.

Since most succulents prefer sunlight only for a few hours each day, patios are the perfect place because the sun will sneak in for a short time but the overhang will keep them largely protected. Left out in direct sunlight, succulents can actually become sunburned, and so covered patios are the perfect place to keep them safe from the sun. When planting succulents you want to use a shallow pot, so that the short root system can access the water pool (Learn More).

Why Add Potted Plants To Your Patio?

If the idea of finding potted plants for your patio seems a bit exhaustive, you can rest assured it will be worth your efforts. Adding potted plants to your patio is proven to provide many benefits, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Hide unsightly eyesores—maybe a chip in the wall, or electrical outlets.
  • Provide shade—you can use larger potted plants to create a shady space for uncovered patios or extended porches.
  • Provide privacy—with taller bushes you can hide behind your plants, enjoying your patio space in peace without any prying eyes.
  • Attract butterflies and other fun friends from nature.
  • Showcase your style and creativity, making your space look and feel even more like home.
  • Great looking landscaping, even up on your porch, can increase a properties’ resale value, making it look more upscale and homey.

If you are adding patio planters to a commercial space, you will be capturing the attention of passersby, making them more likely to stop by and stay a while. (Read More)

The Best Patio Planters

Patio planters should be durable, good looking, and match your overall style. You also want planters that offer your plants adequate room to grow and flourish.
Container planters also need to be durable enough to withstand the weather in your area. For instance, your pot might crack after only one year of use if it can’t handle temperature changes (from very hot to cold) common to your area.

At Terra Cast Planters we are all about quality, our planters truly withstand the test of time, giving your plants a place they can confidently call home.