Californian Square

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Our signature Californian Line is the lightweight, lower cost, alternative to expensive, heavy precast concrete or stone.  The modern look, featuring the big, rolled lip is most similar to the Aurora Line produced by Peterson Manufacturing.  Our Californian Line is up to 95% lighter than the precast concrete it mimics, therefore the shipping costs to any job site are far less.  It’s constructed of our specialized Linear Low Density Polyethylene and polymer resins making it nearly indestructible curbing the worries of cracked planters upon delivery and easing any fears that once delivered to a job site, it cannot be moved.  The Californian Square Planter comes in two sizes, 23” and 35” Square Outer diameter, and the larger of the two can easily be carried and moved by a single strong, individual as it only weighs 50 pounds, compared to a similar planter in stone which can be up to 1000 pounds.

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