Products for HOAs

Enrich your neighborhood with our affordable and easy to maintain products.

TerraCast® products are ideal for Home Owners Associations and Condominium Communities. From planters to lighting and site furnishings, we have the products to optimize and beautify your space to keep the residents happy. The savings in price and maintenance-free ownership is designed to satisfy your budget.


TerraCast® Resin products are made of LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene), a type of plastic that is designed for outdoor applications. These products are lightweight, long-lived, and virtually impervious to damage from the normal wear and tear of being outside. LLDPE Resin products have become so commonly used that your neighbors may already have TerraCast® planters or landscape lighting.

Our three-part process crafts a superior light pole. We build all of our Lamp Posts and Bollards with a core of galvanized steel or fiberglass, encased in a thick sheath of polyurethane foam, which creates the basic shape and an outer skin of LLDPE. The Resin skin protects the inner layers. The core is safe from corrosion, completely isolated and protected by the outer layers.

TerraCast® offers a wide selection of products, each with a wide selection of options. We’ll tailor products just for you; choose color, size, variety and style. We can even brand your neighborhood name right into your products.


Thermoplastic skin protects our metal site furnishings from corrosion. Careful coating, sealing and finishing protects our wood furnishings from rot and their metal elements from rust.

LLDPE is non-porous so nothing sticks to our resin products. It’s also non-hydroscopic, meaning it doesn’t retain or absorb moisture. It’s completely impervious to corrosion, and will never chip, crack, or peel. Link to Indestructible

All the products we offer are easy to clean up. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, or any other store-bought cleaner for plastics, is fine for Resin; stubborn marks like spray paint will come off with a pressure cleaner.

WD-40 and Goo-Gone are the best options for easy cleanup on the thermoplastic-skin site furnishings.

None of our products will ever need painting, or other scheduled maintenance.


LLDPE is so lightweight that the money and work it takes to ship, handle, deliver and install Resin products is much less than it would be for other, heavier materials and products. We believe in “making it like they used to” and our products are all backed with warranties, varying by product line. LED bulbs shine in all of our lighting products. Years will go by before you need to change a bulb, and LED bulbs can be customized too. Choose your brightness and color temperature. Link to LED


This planet is home for all of us, and TerraCast® is committed to preserving it. That’s why our Resin products are made of up to 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Depending on the color chosen, darker colors have higher percentages. Darker is greener with TerraCast®. LLDPE can be recycled forever, so Resin should never go in the garbage or end up in a landfill. It goes back into the cycle of being melted down, powdered and molded into another new Resin product for the next generation. Link to Recycled Materials

Sustainable methods are practiced in our factories, including natural gas for the ovens, and reclaimed water for the cooling chambers.

TerraCast® believes in the message spread by the US Green Building Council’s LEED initiative, and our Resin products qualify for LEED credits. Link to LEED

We’ll help you save green while we help you go green! Link to Go Greenn

Made in USA

TerraCast® is an all-American company, born and raised on US soil. All of our factories, warehouses and offices stand on US soil too. We use domestic materials, employ tax-paying citizens, and craft quality products. When you buy TerraCast® products, you’re buying American, supporting the American economy, our American way of life and the American Dream. Link to Made in USA

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All of our products are made in America. All offices, warehouses, facilities and factories stand proud on US soil. Originally founded in 1969, we have remained an American owned and operated company.

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A Terracast® product is designed to beat out the competition in every conceivable way. Our products are customizable, lightweight, weather/graffiti resistant, eco-friendly, and almost indestructible.

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