The Benefits of Resin Light Poles in Corrosive Coastal Environments

The Benefits of Resin Light Poles in Corrosive Coastal Environments

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In coastal regions, corrosion is always the worst enemy of outdoor lighting. The proximity of the ocean has always posed a major problem for outdoor lighting. The presence of the chloride ion, one of the most destructive to metals, exposes street lighting on sidewalks, docks, harbors, and other coastal regions to a moist and saline environment with a high corrosion power.

TerraCast is providing conclusive solutions to the issues of outdoor lighting, deterioration oxidation, and corrosion in coastal regions. TerraCast light pole bases are built with UV stabilized Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) resin product. The LLDPE resin has been specially designed, created, and manufactured to survive years of exposure to the sun and extreme weather conditions. 

Why Is Resin Light Poles is The Best Choice in Corrosive Coastal Areas?

Resin is the best option since it will never corrode or rust. It is stain-resistant and can withstand a great deal of impact damage due to its extremely flexible nature. Below are numerous advantages to using resin light poles.

High Resistance To Weather & Temperature Fluctuations

Many common light pole materials start showing signs of wear and tear after a few freeze and thaw cycles. These usually happen when the temperature starts to cool and then heats up. Moisture can leak inside if there are any tiny chips in the exterior. This humidity freezes and expands whenever the weather gets particularly cold, and it always contracts when the weather gets warmer.

TerraCast resin is non-hygroscopic, meaning it will not accumulate any moisture in the air and is resistant to water penetration through cracks. Furthermore, it can withstand a significantly larger range of temperatures than standard light pole material.

Long-Lasting Color

TerraCast lampposts always last a long time, and they also look great while doing so. Our special resin surpasses other materials in terms of color retention and overall look. To further decrease fading, peeling, chipping, fracturing, and corrosion, we coat all of our resin using UV inhibitors.


The sides of light poles can always be accidentally hit by cars, or dogs could come and lift their leg poles. That is why it is critical to purchase long-lasting light poles that can withstand all of these possible hazards. Most lamppost elements are only able to withstand a certain amount of wear and tear before displaying signs of deterioration. TerraCast specially created resin is able to handle all of this and more, while also retaining a like-new look.

Maintenance Free Light Poles

Resin light poles are maintenance-free for many years due to their extreme durability. Resin is the closest thing to an indestructible light pole material that you can get. It will never discolor, chip, or rot, and it will never require painting or refurbishment. This means less upkeep and more attractive lampposts.

Cheaper & Easier to Install

Resin light poles are less heavy than other kinds of traditional light poles. This makes shipping to project sites less expensive and more convenient. The additional advantage of being able to move the light pole around with only one or two people is far less expensive than hiring a team with heavy equipment. Saving money on any aspect of your outdoor lighting plan can allow you to select higher-quality alternatives that you might not have been able to afford before.

TerraCast Products

It is a lot more convenient for organizations in charge of external lighting to deal with products that do not require maintenance. TerraCast resin light poles are a lightweight, maintenance-free choice that is ideal for high-traffic areas or areas with fluctuating weather patterns. If you are considering buying weather-resistant light poles, check out TerraCast Products.