The Durability Of Resin: Our Products Can Survive When Others Fail

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We are often asked how durable our resin products really are, like could they survive being hit by a car? The honest truth is that more than likely our products could survive it—we’ve seen it before. Car crashes are one of many situations our durable resin products often survive that other comparable materials cannot.

Here are 5 common situations no stone, generic plastic or metal planter could withstand. On the other hand, our resin products made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene, LLDPE, have proven capable of standing up to all of these damages.

1. Hit, Tapped, Bumped By A Car

If you are planning to put planters, light posts or site furnishings of any kind on a busy road there’s a good chance they could get hit by a passing car. We don’t mean you need to be prepared for someone driving 50 MPH down the sidewalk, but slight bumps, rubs and taps are bound to happen now and again. Many materials crack under these pressures. 

Our specially made resin is extremely pliable, allowing the materials to bounce in and out of place as needed. As a result, when our planters, light fixtures, etc. are hit they are better able to bend out of place and then snap back. The flexibility of the materials makes it much harder to crack or break. We can’t guarantee our planters survive every car crash, but we’ve seen some pretty surprising comebacks.

2. Dropping Planters Like It’s No Big Deal

Planters and other landscape furnishings don’t typically fall from the rooftop, but they could likely fall from less intense heights. If the object in question is not made from flexible, durable materials all it takes is a small tumble to crack and break.

We like to have some fun with our products every now and again. As a result, we are known to toss our planters from the tops of buildings… you know, just to see if they can withstand the blow. We are pleased to find time and time again that our resin products are strong enough to survive some pretty epic falls. 

3. Fading From Bright Sun

Light posts, planters, benches and receptacles are meant to go outside, which means they should be able to withstand the rays of the sun and other outdoor elements. Still, most landscaping products are not meant to truly withstand the wear and tear provoked by nature and the general public. It doesn’t take long for your standard planter to fade if left in the sun day after day, making the shiny topcoat lackluster in no time.

We specially formulate our products with a blend of UV-12 inhibitors in order to postpone and reduce fading from the sun. The longer your landscaping details look like new the longer you can keep them without maintenance or replacement.

4. Graffiti

Graffiti is an incredibly common problem, especially in big cities and urban areas. It doesn’t matter where you are located graffiti is always a possibility. What do you do if planters, benches or other accents become stained with it? 

Certain materials absorb graffiti differently than others, and with most materials it requires a costly process to remove the stain. Since our resin blend products are non-porous, they do not absorb graffiti. This makes it easy to clean almost any stain with some gentle scrubbing.

5. Water & Weather

Most planters and landscape furnishings are porous, allowing moisture to easily absorb beneath the top layer. When moisture has a chance to get inside it can become trapped, freezing and thawing as the weather fluctuates in temperature. This freeze and thaw cycle causes pressure on the walls of the structure, leading to larger cracks and eventually crumbling.

Resin is a non-porous material that is resistant to weather, water damage, leaks, discoloration and rust. 

3 More Reasons To Rely On Resin…

Our highly durable resin products can withstand pretty much anything that comes their way, but that’s not the only reason our products are beloved by so many industries. 

1. Eco Friendly

Our products are made with eco-friendly practices. Our resin is largely made from recycled materials and is recyclable when you are done with it. We can take any used product, melt it back down to its powdered form and create another long-lasting product.

We have developed a 100% percent recycled black that is made entirely from 100% Post Consumer Recycled material that allows you to apply credit MRc4 and help contribute 2 points toward your LEED credits.

2. Fully Customizable

Everything you want is at your fingertips, all you have to do is dream it and we can make it. Pick any colors or logos and if there’s a particular mold you want that we don’t offer, we are happy to custom make it for you. The flexible nature of resin gives us more options when it comes to creating innovative molds.

3. Lightweight & Easy To Ship

Our products are heavy enough to remain in place but not so heavy they break your back when you go to move them. Due to their lightweight qualities, our products are more affordable to ship. You save money on shipping costs, and you save some backbreaking hassles when it comes to installing it on your property.

Interested in the most durable products on the market made from our unique resin blend? Contact TerraCast Products today!