Timeless Urban Landscaping Design Trends

Timeless Urban Landscaping Design Trends

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As more businesses discover the upsides of creating outdoor spaces, various landscaping ideas have been popularised recently. We can all agree that plants are beautiful and calming as they filter carbon dioxide from the air and provide oxygen. While landscaping trends come and go, several practices stand the test of time. 

These timeless landscaping trends add functionality, entertainment, usability, and resale value to any property. Whether you want to minimize the environmental impact of your garden or maximize the appeal of your outdoor space, these trends are sure to go a long way to inspire your next landscaping project. 

Eco-friendly Practices

The pandemic has changed the way we assess air quality, health, and the environmental impact of our daily activities. When it comes to building a sustainable outdoor space, landscaping experts emphasize minimizing the risk posed by invasive plant species. In simple words, we should avoid introducing plant species into our gardens that can disrupt their ecosystem and harm indigenous plant species. 

Other eco-friendly practices include stormwater mitigation to minimize pollution of drainages and designing rain gardens equipped to collect rainwater. You can also incorporate sustainable products in your outdoor space to decrease environmental impact, such as resin planters and light poles. Terracast planters are made from LLDPE resin and contain up to 100% post consumer recycled content, depending on the color, and can stand the test of changing seasons without breaking. 

Pet-friendly Upgrades

A recent survey found that nearly 70 percent of Americans are spending more time with their pets after the Covid-19 pandemic. If you are building an outdoor seating area for your restaurant or curbside store, your space will attract more patrons with pets. Be it pet snacks, toys, or a dedicated area for pet owners to socialize, there are many ways you can make your outdoor space lucrative for pet parents. 

Marvelously Multifunctional

Many industries are seeing eye-to-eye with the idea of providing outdoor recreational areas for employees and other building occupants. Tables flanked by planters and flowers are becoming increasingly popular in commercial establishments. A multi-functional outdoor area can include seating with music, wifi, luminaries, and TVs. 

Get Creative with Colors

Traditional landscaping designs for commercial spaces with neutral colors are a thing of the past. As these recreational areas become more popular and transition into multi-faceted gathering spaces, landscapers are leaning towards brighter colors to add depth and appeal. You can combine colorful flowers with tropical plants and exotic grasses to create unique designs. Whether you are designing a bike lane, curbside seating, or an office entrance, consider adding colors to accentuate the overall look and feel of these spaces. 

Urban Design Trends

In the spirit of nature’s relaxing qualities, many urban landscaping trends are drawing inspiration from Japanese Gardens and similar concepts. This has led many landscapers to embrace design elements like ponds, designer planters, minimalist structures, and decor to enhance their projects. These urban landscaping ideas are aesthetically pleasing and go a long way to create a multi-sensory and tranquil environment. 

Find The Right Products For Your Landscaping Project

There are many incentives to building urban outdoor spaces, so if you have decided to incorporate one into your commercial space, you are on the right track. These trends may need a facelift from time to time, but their application will never go out of style. Not to mention, there is no match to these design trends when it comes to building a calm and productive environment for your employees and customers. If you are building a sustainable outdoor space, you will need products that resonate with your idea. Terracast’s resin products are a perfect match for multi-functional urban areas. From planters to aluminum light poles and luminaires, we offer many products that can help you achieve the goals for your next landscaping project. Contact us today to learn more about our products or to get a quote!