Top 3 2017 Landscaping Trends For Coastal Landscaping & Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Top 3 2017 Landscaping Trends For Coastal Landscaping & Eco-Friendly Landscaping

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The top 2017 landscaping trends are modern, stylish, functional and eco-friendly. As times change, technology progresses and we become more attuned with how to meet our needs and nature’s needs in one swoop, we continue to see awesome changes in the landscaping industry.

There are so many different landscaping trends that it’d be impossible to cover them all in one blog, so we’ve narrowed it down to the top 3 coastal landscaping trends and the top 3 eco-friendly landscaping trends for 2017.

Top 3 Eco-Friendly Trends

Our beautiful planet is rapidly running out of water and filling up with toxic pollution, and one of the best ways you can personally help combat these issues is with eco-friendly landscaping. At TerraCast, we truly value nature–hence why we make the longest lasting planters and site furnishings on the market. We are all about reusing, recycling and reducing. Aside from using our eco-friendly products and materials, here are 3 other eco-friendly ways to outfit your landscapes.

#1. Use Natural and Easy to Maintain Materials

Natural resources that can benefit your landscaping are just sitting there waiting to be discovered. Natural materials include stone, rock, gravel, and native plants. You don’t have to pour endless concrete or add water-hogging grass, instead you can use natural materials to create pathways, accents, steps, curbs and even barriers that separate different areas of landscaping.

Native plants are your best bet to add greenery that requires little to no maintenance, all while providing seasonal and year-round beauty. Do a little research to uncover what plants are native to your area, and take a look around your property to see what is naturally thriving and worth keeping around.

#2. Smart Technology Can Conserve Resources

Technology is far from natural but it can actually help preserve nature when properly put to work. So while technology can distract you from natural beauty, it can also help to preserve it. For instance, automatic lighting systems and LED bulbs help reduce electricity usage, while drip irrigation systems save water. Talk to a landscaping consultant about how you can incorporate technology into your landscaping plan in order to save money, reduce water and electricity usage, and so forth.

#3. Synthetic Lawns & Gravel Walkways

Grass is the number one water-hog in most yards, plus it’s difficult to maintain and quickly turns brown without constant care, water and maintenance. Despite all of that, people are still drawn to the bright green beauty of grass landscaping.

Synthetic lawns make a great alternative to natural grass because they require no water or mowing. Mowers produce pollution and our planet is running out of water, so by removing these two factors you’re actually benefiting the environment. At the same time you reduce the amount of effort you exert maintaining landscaping. Plus, you can still add flowerbeds and trees by using a variety of planters. Picking rocks over grass is far from cheap or tacky—instead it is just plain smart, sort of like driving an electric car or using reusable grocery bags.

All of that being said, synthetic lawns don’t add much to the environment, they are not all that friendly to wildlife and they contribute to waste and manufacturing. Smaller areas of synthetic grass are recommended as opposed to covering your entire lawn in faux grass. Try mixing synthetic grass with more natural materials to achieve the look you’re aiming for without taking too much away from natural habitats.

Top 3 Coastal Landscaping Trends

#1. Create A Destination Garden

In the midst of our busy lives it is easy to lose sight of the beauty of nature we are surrounded by. Hence the push to create outdoor spaces that are not only beautiful but functional too. This give us more reason to spend time outside. From fully equipped outdoor kitchens to rooftop gardens with epic ocean views, the value of the great outdoors is yours for the taking.

Living near the ocean offers so many free benefits, like marine wildlife, stunning views, the soothing sounds of the ocean and a cool salty breeze. This is where the trend for destination coastal gardens arises. Depending on your proximity to the ocean, different plants are suited to harsh coastal environments.

Our planters make the perfect accent pieces for coastal gardens; after all they are one of the only planters on the market that can survive the harsh, salty marine climate. Our planters come in all sizes and shapes, giving you everything you need to create depth and layers to your ocean side garden oasis.

#2. Use Gravel & Rock Accents

The push to conserve resources is inspiring many coastal landscaping trends such as the use of gravel driveways, walkways, and so forth. Coastal environments are too harsh for a lot of plants, but rocks and gravel can survive it all. Plus, it takes no water to maintain these materials, which is great for coastal residents under strict water rations.

If you’re imagining rows of boring rock and gravel, think again. There are so many different types, textures, shapes, sizes and color variations of both rock and gravel. The extra creativity involved grants your yard a unique and eye-catching look. All the while you minimize maintenance through the development of sustainable landscaping.

#3. Add Lots Of Succulents

As mentioned above, coastal environments are not ideal for a number of plants and flowers, albeit hardy and beautiful succulents can grow just about anywhere. Succulents are durable enough to handle salty winds and coastal soils while offering a casual vibe reminiscent of coastal living.

Succulents come in an array of colors, shapes, patterns, and textures. Some are even flexible enough and/or have multiple arms that move with the wind and resemble waves bubbling in the ocean. Bonus perk: They don’t require as much water at all, making them ideal for coastal landscaping and eco-friendly landscaping.  

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