10 Major Benefits To Installing LED Tree Ring Lighting

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10 Major Benefits To Installing LED Tree Ring Lighting

Tree ring lighting can completely alter the look of commercial, residential and public properties, all while offering a world of unexpected benefits. Not only do tree lights improve the aesthetics of a property but they can also increase safety. The benefits go on and on, especially when you go with our specially formulated LLDPE resin-based tree ring lights.

Our tree ring lights come in a variety of sizes and colors and are made to withstand the elements better than any other tree lights on the market. Here are 10 major benefits to installing TerraCast tree ring lighting.

1. Reduced Risk Of Property Theft And Vandalism

Did you know you could reduce your risk for graffiti or vandalism by at least 20% by installing lighting fixtures? Well-lit properties are not as easy for criminals and vandals to target as dimly lit properties. Simply installing tree ring lighting makes your property appear more guarded, posing an extra risk for someone to vandalize your property or steal from you.

2. Increased Safety

Tree lighting doesn’t just protect your property from bad guys and gals but it also helps protect customers and visitors that come after dark. There are few things more dangerous than trying to navigate an unfamiliar property in the dark. In fact, by having people do so you are virtually asking for someone to trip and fall. Tree ring lighting adds a large halo of light that helps people safely navigate even after the sun goes down.

3. The Beauty Of Light

Your property can be a blanket of darkness after nightfall or a beautiful eye-catching location, that all depends on the lighting you install. Tree ring lighting adds a beautiful touch that can be customized to fit your landscaping, highlighting the actual trees as well as other focal points. Our fixtures come with an assortment of lights on all sides. These attached lighting fixtures can be adjusted up, down, or straight ahead, depending on where you want to aim the lights.

Fixtures are typically installed higher up in the tree so that lights don’t shine directly into anyone’s eyes, but instead create a cascading flood of light that comes down from above—as if the tree is magically providing light all on its own.

Since the light can be adjusted to shine in any direction you can use this to your advantage in order to highlight what is most important or eye-catching about your landscaping. You can shine the lights up higher into the tree to create a dramatic look that accentuates the canopy of the tree. You could also shine the lights down to highlight a blooming bed of flowers at the base of the tree, or a nearby walking path. Plus, you can change the direction of lighting as needed whenever you want.

4. Options For All Tree Sizes and Lighting Needs

Our tree ring lights come in three different sizes: 18-inches, 24-inches, and 32-inches in diameter.

5. Easy To Install And Built To Stay Secure

Our tree ring lighting fixtures are shaped into a circle that attaches around the trunk of a tree. Our tree ring lighting looks high-tech, but is actually extremely easy to install. Each ring opens up so that it can be placed around the trunk of a tree and then clamped closed. There are four adjustable rods that make the clamshell design work like a charm. In order to keep the tree lighting in place there is a system of stainless steel bolts, locking mechanisms and wing nuts at work.

6. Long Lasting LED Lighting

LED lighting is a valuable component added to all our tree ring lights. For one, LED bulbs last a lot longer than traditional bulbs. As a result you don’t have to change the bulbs all of the time, which decreases the hassle of climbing up trees to conduct maintenance. This also saves money because frequently replacing bulbs adds up. Also, LED lighting uses far less energy and this will reflect on your electricity bill.

7. Tree Ring Lighting Available In A Variety Of Colors

You can order our tree ring lighting in any color you desire. We offer 6 standard stone blends, but don’t let that stump your creativity because we are happy to custom blend any color for you. Green and brown are popular color choices because they blend in well with the surrounding trees. We can even make a specific shade of brown so that the fixture perfectly camouflages with the tree trunk.

8. Low Maintenance Lighting

Our tree ring lighting is made to last years up in the trees without you having to give it a second thought. Plus, all of our tree rings are guaranteed with a 3-year warranty.

9. Durable Enough To Stand Up To The Unique Conditions Found In A Tree

TerraCast makes the only resin tree ring lights on the market, and trust us you don’t want anything but resin up in your trees. Our specially developed LLDPE resin is resistant to rust, which is a huge factor. Think about it like this, light fixtures in trees are going to get wet no matter what, after all trees need water to survive and they are outdoors so rain is an unavoidable element. Lighting fixtures in trees must be durable enough to resist rust, corrosion, cracks and other water and weather related issues.

If tree lighting begins to break down you might not even know it until chunks of lighting fixture fall to the ground. Our durable products assure you don’t stumble upon any surprises because they are truly made to live in the trees without worry.

10. Go Green With TerraCast

If you want to do good by the environment or are trying to get your building project LEED certified you can feel good about purchasing our eco-friendly products. Our products are recyclable as well as made with up to 90% recycled materials. Even our manufacturing process is green, as we use natural gas ovens and cool chambers supplied with reclaimed water.

Experience the TerraCast difference and light up your yard with the highest quality tree ring lighting fixtures on the market.