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The TerraCast Difference: LLDPE Resin VS Traditional Resin

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All of our products are made with Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Resin, which is different than traditional plastic resin in the way it is manufactured as well as the way it holds up out in the elements. LLDPE Resin is not just another term for plastic; it’s completely different in almost every way.

Something can be made from plastic, such as a grocery bag, and be very thin and weak. Just as something can be made from resin, such as a cheap planter at your local hardware store, and damage easily once exposed to weather. Cheap resin planters are made from high-density polyethylene, as opposed to Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE).

Our LLDPE Resin is formulated with a special Rotational Molding process, creating a true Resin blend that is unlike traditional plastic or resin products. Our Resin starts off as a powder blend that is heated at high temperatures until it liquefies. Once the powder becomes a liquid it is poured into a mold and then slowly baked to perfection.

There are a number of differences that set our LLDPE Resin apart from the competition. No commercial-grade resin can offer the same long-term durability, dependability and flexibility as LLDPE resin specially formulated in our eco-friendly factory.

LLDPE Resin is a plastic material that is made to withstand years of wear and tear, inside or outside. This is why in 2013 the market for LLDPE reached a volume of $40 billion dollars. Despite the incredible nature of LLDPE you’d be surprised how many planters, trashcans, lighting fixtures and other landscaping materials routinely exposed to the elements rely on other materials. When you compare the materials side-by-side it’s easy to see that LLDPE Resin is far and beyond superior.

How LLDPE Resin Products Are Made

Resin colorsOur LLDPE Resin planters are used all around the States, including at the heart of Times Square in New York City. This is all thanks to the durability awarded through our special manufacturing processes. We use what is called Rotational Molding; a process that literally forms the product from the outside in. This allows us to create the strongest outer edges possible.

We start by creating two-mirrored halves of a mold that perfectly fit together. Once put together and filled with our resin powder base, the molds are placed inside of a high-power oven that heats the mold and resin powder at 500-700 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature varies based upon the size and shape of a particular mold. As the molds rotate within the oven the polyethylene powder base transforms into a liquid paste, and as a result the two locked halves turn into one. The end result is a perfectly symmetrical and balanced product with extreme strength.

Say Goodbye To Cracks

One of the biggest issues with modern planters is that they develop cracks and become useless. You can kiss cracks goodbye by changing to LLDPE Resin-based planters. The reason it doesn’t crack is because it is flexible enough to bend instead. Our planters are virtually crack-resistant in temperatures ranging between -40 degrees and 140+ degrees Fahrenheit. As the weather shifts between cold and hot this is when traditional plastic planters begin to break down and show signs of cracking. Our LLDPE Resin planters have proven capable of standing up to the challenges presented by almost all climates.

No More Water Damage

Planters need to be water resistant, after all water goes in the planter and water is a natural part of the outdoors. That being said, people are often surprised to find out that many planter materials are only kind of water resistant. Since our resin is non-hydroscopic it does not absorb moisture found in the air, and as a result will not suffer the effects of water damage.

Stains Are A Thing Of The Past

Stains have ruined clothing, furniture and even outdoor planters for years, but not our planters. LLDPE Resin is non-porous and is therefore resistant to stains. The majority of paints are not able to bind with the unique material. This means even graffiti is no match and can almost always be easily cleaned away with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or a pressure cleaner.

resin-vs-stoneOur Resin Is 75% Lighter Than Competing Materials

Not only is LLDPE Resin stronger and more resistant to stains than other materials but also it is as much as 75% lighter. This is hugely beneficial because you don’t need to use heavy machinery in order to move planters or other products made of this material.

Customize Any Way You Want

Even if you have your heart set on the look of granite or some other material you can still go with LLDPE Resin-based products and achieve that look. The great thing about our product is that it can be customized to look pretty much any way you want. Shape, size, color, you name it and we are happy to create the custom mold needed to make it a reality. You can also add your company logo or any other trademark to the outside of planters.


Low Density Polyethylene superseded the invention of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene, but the later invention (LLDPE) is far more durable and reliable. LLDPE has much greater resistance to environmental factors and is far less likely to crack or break down. LLDPE also includes a higher tensile strength and is more resistant to puncture damage. In general, LDPE is not as thick or strong as LLDPE.

Don’t be fooled by similar products or cheap imitations, there is nothing else like LLDPE Resin on the market.

The Best Of The Best

There’s no better product on the market, that’s why we are so excited to offer what we do. Plus, we utilize as many eco-friendly manufacturing methods as possible in consideration of Planet Earth. Our resin is made from recycled materials and can be recycled when it finally does break down. If your building project is aiming to achieve LEED credentials, all of our products are approved for use.

We take pride in making our products at home in the USA with a level of pride and craftsmanship that is nearly impossible to find in today’s fast paced world.