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4 Unique Landscaping Ideas for Potted Planters

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When it comes to landscaping every job entails something different, a new bag of tricks. Since no two people have the same exact taste, landscaping is truly an art form that must be reshaped and colored to fit the property (and clients) in question. In order to create landscaping that wows time and time again you should continually grow your working knowledge of available options. While no landscape project is complete without a few potted planters; an eco-friendly and versatile option, planters also make excellent focal points. Potted plants add height, dimension, and long lasting beauty to your yard, plus they are easy to care for. Here are 4 innovative ways you can incorporate planters in your landscaping for that extra ‘wow’ factor.


1. Create Height With Low Bowl Planters

Low Bowl Planters are short in size, but they can still give new height to your landscaping. Especially ideal for corporate locations, you can pour concrete platforms—either circular or square, any size you wish—then hoist a low bowl planter full of appropriate plants atop. The low bowl planter is uniquely shaped with the majority of its mass in the actual frame; the planter itself has a low opening, allowing the flowers planted within to practically spill out, demanding attention. Low bowl planters look nice placed directly on the ground, but by placing one on a platform of some type you demand attention from people all the way down the street.


2. Solidify Your Style With Potted Planters

When you think of a ‘planter’ you might simply think of a reddish or beige bucket, but think again—planters can have their own flare and style that dresses up landscaping. Not all planters used in one landscaping project need to look the same, mix and match styles to create a unique statement. For instance, our line of Oil Jars planters are fashioned to look like antique pots; you can almost envision a woman carting one of these Oil Jars full of water back to her family. Planters that have the power to evoke memory or inspiration are just as important as the plants throughout your garden. Oil Jars planters look great in almost any décor, adding a special touch to any small botanical garden or 5-star spa.


3. A Space To Sit & Enjoy The Flowers

You need seating outdoors, but there might be parts of your landscape that don’t seem fit for a group of clunky chairs. So what about a planter that doubles as a seating area on the sly, giving an all-natural illusion but still offering a spot for people to take a seat. It’s not too good to be true; the Quarter Circle Planter offers this incredible versatility. Styled by top architects and designers, the Quarter Circle Planter comes as a set, each piece capable of fitting together multiple ways, so that you can create a circular seating area with a palm tree at the center and plants on all sides. You can use these same pieces to create more vertical designs that snake between walkways, or even separate your business from sidewalk traffic. How you utilize your Quarter Circle Planter is completely up to you, including how much space you dedicate for seating and how much space you use for planting.


4. Convenient Plants

Watering plants might be the trickiest part to keeping them alive, some plants need lots of water and some plants need very little water. The first step to keeping your greengage green is to know exactly how much water your plants require. Next, you need a Self-Watering Liner Pot because it will make your life so much easier, no joke. You don’t have to worry about watering too much, because our self-watering planters have a built in overflow design determined to prevent your plants from drowning. You also don’t have to worry about under watering—well to a certain extent—but with a large reservoir at the bottom of self-watering planters, plants’ roots can dig down to obtain water for up to several months. Perfect for someone who doesn’t have time to water the plants regularly, self-watering planters are booming in popularity. At TerraCast Planters we are currently incorporating a self-watering option for all makes and models of our top quality planters.