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6 Ways to Enhance Your Ceremony Using Wedding Planters

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Weddings are all about flowers, flowers are on tables, in the bride’s hair, and even tossed around by the flower girl. On average, the amount of money spent on wedding flowers alone is $2,000, consuming around 10% of the entire wedding budget. $2,000 doesn’t represent one flower-obsessed couple, this is the average amount spent by all; for someone who really wants to go all out with floral arrangements they can look to spend as much as $8,000. Almost every wedding incorporates potted plants into the mix, after all potted plants make a wonderful addition to your wedding décor, plus they are eco-friendly and can double as living keepsakes. In reality, you can’t exactly have a wedding without potted plants, regardless if your venue is inside or outside, the exact flowers you are envisioning won’t be blooming in just the right location, in which case you are going to need to enlist the help of wedding planters. In light of wedding season, here are 6 ways to incorporate potted plants in your wedding décor.

1. Wedding Planters As Centerpieces

On Pinterest the new ‘it’ wedding idea is to use wedding planters as the centerpiece for banquet tables. Since the actual pot itself can include a variety of looks, wedding planters can go to town making the centerpiece entirely true to the theme of the wedding. Some weddings incorporate an assortment of round potted plants at the center of the table, while others use one larger rectangular box planter down the center for a never-ending row of blooming flowers. While floral arrangements are more traditional wedding centerpieces, they can be costly and once the wedding is over, the flowers don’t have much life left to live. The best part about potted plant centerpieces is they go on to live a long life after the wedding is through (See Here). Organizing your tables by numbers? You can add decorative numbered stakes directly into the planter soil, or simply write on the planter itself.

2. Accent The Dance Floor With Box Planters

White box planters bursting with flowers look amazing when used as a border around the dance floor. Although you don’t want to trip up any of your wedding guests, so make sure there are plenty of open paths to get onto the dance floor. Some weddings feature potted plants or box planters only at the back half of the dance floor to prevent access complications. This also creates a striking backdrop that everyone will notice as they swing their partner on the dance floor. Incorporate soft or brightly colored flowers, either will pop out of the planter with the promise of new life, hope, and love. You can add details to the pots and planters themselves too, tying appropriately colored ribbons into bows around each one; just imagine, a classic planter accented by a silky pink bow and holding delicate pink roses—perfection!

3. Separate The Isles At The Ceremony With Potted Plants

Potted plants are ideal for both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies, making the most beautiful path for the bride and groom to walk through on their way to the alter. Potted plants of varying sizes are commonly placed around the edges of isle chairs at the actual wedding ceremony. This is a naturally gorgeous way of keeping things in order and dressing up a lawn full of otherwise metal and plastic chairs.

4. Photo Props For Bride And Groom

A plant represents new life being brought to fruition, which is very symbolic at a wedding, where two people come together as one. Most photographers use potted plants as props for photos to outline the edges of group portraits. You can also stage a photo of the bride and groom pouring water from a decorative watering can over a larger potted plant for a symbolic, silly, and wonderful keepsake photo (Read More).

5. Potted Plants as Party Favors

A love fern for all wedding guests! Wedding favors can be big or small, they can also be living; hand out potted plants that are petite enough for your guests to carry home. You can adorn these potted plants with cute sayings, or decorative stakes sunk into the planter soil. You can also provide a variety of flower types for guests to pick between, use the most popular flowers throughout your wedding to grant your guests unforgettable memories.

6. Adorn the Alter

A conglomerate of large and small planters are often used to decorate the sides of the alter where the bride and groom will say, “I do.” In a classic church setting, or on a slice of beachfront sand, potted plants turn a plain alter into a stunning focal point outlining the bride and groom. Bonus perk, your wedding photos will look all the more glorious!