5 of the Best Indoor Plants for Direct Sunlight

5 of the Best Indoor Plants for Direct Sunlight

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Certain plants are able to thrive in very little sunlight, whereas others will need to be put in direct sunlight to flourish. Just because a plant thrives inside doesn’t mean it won’t need lots of sunlight.  On this page, we are breaking down the best indoor plants for direct sunlight – such as Jade Plants, Aloe Vera, and Sage.

Why Do Some Plants Need More Sunlight?

When deciding which plants you would like to put near that sunny window, you need to be a little strategic. Not all plants require lots of sunlight – in fact some plants will dry out and die when exposed to too much sun. Some plants do better in the shade. However, some sunlight is needed for all plants in order for photosynthesis to occur and plants to properly grow and thrive. Other plants do best under direct sunlight, making them the perfect addition to your sun-heavy windows.

5 Great Plants for Direct Sunlight in Your Home

Searching for plants that can be put in direct sunlight in your home? We’ve got you covered! Below, we are going to break down our top 5 favorite plants for those spots that get a lot of direct sunlight in your home or office. Keep these options in mind while searching for some new great plants to add in the areas of your home that get lots of sunlight. Each of the plants are great indoor plants to put in direct sunlight.

#1. Jade Plants

Jade plants have been popular indoor and outdoor plants for many years. They are also great indoor decoration due to their natural beauty and ability to grow big and tall. These plants do best when grown indoors in a warm setting. Most importantly, under direct sunlight – so place near a window that gets plenty of sun. Buy a jade plant and you will soon see for yourself why they have remained very popular indoor house plants throughout the generations.

#2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another great plant for growing indoors near a sunny window. For starters, Aloe Vera plants have various health benefits and can be used for many potential reasons – not just the beauty of a plant growing in your home or office space. They grow very well in direct sunlight and so for best results, place your aloe vera plant indoors and grow it right next to a window.

#3. Sage

Sage has a great natural smell to it. There is a long-standing superstition that sage has spiritual qualities to it as well. When placed in your home under direct sunlight, a sage plant will thrive. If you are a fan of sage plants or have been thinking about getting one, you have nothing to lose. With such great aesthetic value and a great smell, sage is a worthy addition to your home.

#4. Mums Flowers

Mums are a very delicate breed of flowers. They have a pink color to them, which has been adored by mothers all around the world. Perhaps this is even part of the reason why they are named mums! These are a great addition to your tabletop, outdoor summer garden, or anywhere that you have conveniently placed nearby direct sunlight. Although mums are prone to withering away, with a little maintenance they can be a beautiful addition to your home.

#5. Japanese Sago Palm

Ever dreamed about turning your home into a tropical paradise? With the help of a Japanese Sago Palm, you can do just this! These plants have a natural palm tree look to them and are capable of being stored indoors as long as they have direct sunlight. Therefore, if you have a room with direct sunlight and are ready to create your own tropical paradise, you should definitely consider Japanese Sago Palms.

The life of your plants is not simply controlled by the sun – the planter you choose can impact how well your plants thrive as well. Browse our complete collection of beautiful, long lasting, eco-friendly, and completely customizable planters.