5 Tips for Luminous College Campus Landscape Lighting

5 Tips for Luminous College Campus Landscape Lighting

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Landscape lighting on college campuses serves many purposes: Safety, aesthetics, easier navigation, a way to push branding, and so on. With most campuses having 24-hour buildings, being able to safely travel to and from dorms, the parking lot, etc., remains a deciding factor in the college incoming students choose.

Through creative lighting solutions, colleges can point the direction of a visitor’s gaze to certain aspects of campus, highlight the benefits they have to offer, and tell the story of their campus. With that being said, here are some of our favorite tips on how to maximize college campus landscape lighting.

5 College Campus Landscape Lighting Tips

1. Focus on Safety First

As a potential student visiting campus for the first time, it is imperative that you make a good first impression. Keeping your students safe is a number one priority. Show that priority by making sure your walkways, entrances, staircases, and parking garages are brightly lit.

Think of the most frequent walks your students will take and install proper lighting not only near the ground but also at eye level to illuminate the walkway in front of them.

2. Try to Be as Efficient as Possible

College campuses are vast spaces that use a large amount of landscape lighting that rack up the utility bill. Consider installing solar panels and other forms of energy-efficient lighting to ensure you are conserving as much energy as possible (or even generating it on your own).

By using LEDs, you’ll find that you have to replace bulbs less frequently and that they hold up longer to outdoor weather. Thanks to the fact they are low maintenance, you may even be able to cut back on unnecessary labor costs.

3. Remain Consistent

Be creating a consistent flow of standard lighting throughout the campus, a uniform look can be followed. Doing so encourages visitors to follow the proper walkways to get to where they need to be. Additionally, this can add to overall efficiency by using the same standard pieces.

Take the time to use landscape lighting to promote foot traffic to your most important buildings. By highlighting them with special colors or types of lights, you can catch the eye everyone who passes by.

4. Go with the Flow of the Landscaping

Sometimes, figuring out the path around landscaping can be tricky. However, when planning your campus landscape lighting, don’t be afraid to incorporate the landscaping itself. Highlighting bushes, trees, and flowers can create a connection followed throughout the campus as well as entertain the eyes of visitors. Installing some lighting within and on landscape features can better define the beautiful aesthetic a campus has to offer.

5. Use High-Quality Products

In order to properly light up a college campus, using the right products is crucial. Using LED lighting ensures a bright and lasting illumination for all of your campus’ landscape needs. High-quality products like those sold by TerraCast Products are guaranteed to withstand many years of outdoor use (and abuse) without being affected.

Our high-quality products tend to require less maintenance and last longer than other products on the market. We recommend using a lighting installation company that offers warranties and guarantees to ensure the best quality of work is done on your campus.

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