5 of the Best Plants for Winter Gardens

5 of the Best Plants for Winter Gardens

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Looking for some new ideas for your winter garden? We are here to help. There are many different winter plants that can thrive in your outdoor garden during the winter months such as Primrose, Pansy and Holly. The following plants offer aesthetic value and plant hardiness all in one, or rather five awesome winter plants!

Our 5 Favorite Plants for Winter Gardens

There are many different winter garden plants that are both strong and pleasing to look at to keep around in your garden during the winter months. For your reference, we have prepared a list of some of our favorite winter garden plants. Keep the following ideas in mind if you want to spruce up your garden in time for winter this year.

1. Primrose

Known for their many different colors and sizes of flowers that bloom during the winter, primrose is a very strong and beautiful plant to keep around. When planting primroses, make sure that it is a clear day that doesn’t leave frost in the soil. With the right conditions, you will soon have a nice patch of primroses available for the entire winter season. They can produce many different colors and will spread across the ground level of your garden.

2. Pansy

Pansies have a very distinct combination of both purple and white in their flower buds that look beautiful up against white winter weather. Although pansies are widely known for their strength and endurance in the winter months, they can still be damaged by frost and extreme cold temperatures. If the temperature drops to single digits or below zero for an extended period of time, your pansies need to be taken inside or covered for protection.

3. Holly

Holly is a popular winter plant commonly used as decoration on Christmas trees. It can also thrive in cold weather, making it a great addition to your winter garden. It is best known for producing a set of red berries that will be able to survive harsh winter conditions such as snow. When hollies bloom, be sure to enjoy how they look but don’t be tempted to eat them. Holly berries are poisonous and not safe for human consumption!

4. Mistletoe

Mistletoe is perhaps one of the most celebrated winter plants that can also fall under the radar easily. Ever thought about growing your own mistletoe to place above the fireplace in time for the holidays? This could be your year to do so! Mistletoe is actually a parasitic plant that lives off the nutrients provided by a host. Therefore, in order to grow mistletoe, you will need to recreate this sort of environment. To do so, simply harvest a large branch and plant berry seeds within the crevices.

5. Sweet William

Sweet William plants are one of the most gorgeous winter plants and are absolutely worth considering. These plants have an elegant blend of red and white buds. The buds are small but when combined together they look as if they are one big flower. When left in a winter garden, you can expect them to remain full of life throughout some of the coldest weather conditions. Sweet Williams commonly fall under the radar when people discuss the best plants for winter gardens. However, they are definitely one to keep in mind if you are seeking something new that is a little out of the norm.
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