7 Inspirational Ideas for Site Furnishings

7 Inspirational Ideas for Site Furnishings

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Looking for some fresh ideas for furnishing your property? Here at TerraCast Products, we have years of experience helping people like you get site furnishings that have an instant positive effect on the aesthetic appeal of landscaping. From commercial properties to public parks and residential homes, we have long lasting site furnishings for it all!

7 Site Furnishing Ideas to Consider

If you’ve run out of ideas to furnish your property, you have come to the right place. There are always more ideas to consider – your options are truly endless. Below, we are breaking down 7 site furnishing ideas that may spur further inspiration for you. If you are ready to browse site furnishings right away, be sure to visit TerraCast Products for sustainable, long lasting products made right here in the USA.

1. Landscape Lighting

Even after the sun sets it’s still nice to use your property to host, entertain and so forth, but you cannot do this without lighting. Using the right type of lighting isn’t only functional, it’s stylish as well. Landscape lighting is aesthetically-pleasing and can accentuate your property very well at night. When done correctly, it can make your property a more fun and engaging spot to hang out after dark. Plus, it’ll help keep people safe as long as you illuminate the right areas – like pathways, entrances and exits, and so forth.

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2. Different Size Planters

If you have extra space that you think is a little empty, consider adding some planters. Use a mixture of different sizes and shapes to make a statement. You can fill them with soil and then top them off with native plants. Consider investing in planters that’ll last a long time, like our unique planters made from a resin-blend. In addition, self-watering planters will reduce maintenance stress and help ensure plants thrive – even if you forget to water them for a couple of days.

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3. An Upgraded Mailbox

If you live on a property with a state-supplied mailbox, keep in mind that you may not necessarily have to keep this boring mailbox on your property. If you want to add a new element to your property without investing too much money, a mailbox is something you should look into upgrading.

4. Lamp Posts

Lamp posts are a little different than landscape lighting. Lamp posts are great for spaces near driveways, sidewalks, entryways, and so on. In addition to just light, they can completely transform the look of your property at night and during the day. TerraCast lamp posts come in a variety of styles and are incredibly long lasting.

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5. Outdoor Furnishings

Once you have a landscape design for your property, don’t forget to outfit the space with great site furnishings. Aim to avoid materials that will easily deteriorate, rust, and so on when left out in the elements. Don’t underestimate the power of different colors and textures.

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6. Modern Trash Receptacles

When you are outside enjoying your newly-improved design and furnishings, it will be likely that you will want to do things such as eat and drink. When you do these sorts of actions, you can easily generate trash that can be a hassle to hold onto. Install modern trash receptacles next to seating areas so that it’s easy to discard trash. This will reduce littering and make your space more functional. Don’t forget the recycling bins, too!

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7. Poolside Lounge

If there is a pool on your property, take advantage of this asset by creating a relaxing atmosphere for poolside dining, entertaining and hanging out. It doesn’t have to be a pool – in fact, any water feature creates a more relaxing atmosphere. The right tables, chairs, lighting and accent features can create the perfect space for people to come together.