6 Creative Ways to Use Commercial Planters

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Commercial planters are commonly used to beautify a space, but there are so many other ways to put them to good use. They can segregate outdoor spaces, be used as bike lane barriers, create a serene rooftop garden that improves the energy efficiency of your building, and they can even help promote your brand or logo.

6 Unique Ways to Use Commercial Planters

Commercial planters can be used in so many different ways to make your landscaping stand out, here are some of our favorite ways to use commercial planters to your advantage.

#1. Segregate Outdoor Spaces

Our extra-large Hartford Planters offer the perfect way to segregate outdoor spaces. Say goodbye to boring barriers – this is a barrier you’ll be proud to show off, something that’ll stand out and bring beauty to your business. You could use them to separate dining areas from walkways or create a barrier between your business entrance and a busy sidewalk, there are countless uses for a barrier bursting with plants.


#2. Make Your Logo, Brand or Team Name Stand Out

Add your logo, company name, or slogan to any of our customizable planters to make your brand stand out. This transforms planters into a promotional item, adding practicality to aesthetics. Picture this: an extra-large planter with your company name at the entrance to your business so that people know exactly who you are and what you stand for. Or, use planters with your logo all throughout your space to promote your brand

#3. Bike Lane Barriers

The importance of adding bike lane barriers cannot be stressed enough. Bike lanes that include some type of physical barrier between cyclists and automobiles are much safer, a fact that has been proven in many different studies. The goal is to figure out what type of barrier works best for a particular city or street.

Large planters can make excellent bike lane barriers because they are beautiful and serve as a physical divider between traffic and cyclists. Now picture your logo or business name on these planters, letting your city know that you funded the added safety feature and care about saving the planet by promoting safe cycling.

While flexible poles or bollards are often used for bike lane barriers, we’ve seen time and time again how easy it is for cars to get around them or even knock them over. A more solid and visible barrier is more effective. Using a variety of different barriers may also prove effective, for instance mixing large planters with bollards in between to prevent cars from squeezing through open spaces. 

#4. Canons at a Water Park

Say what?! This use of our Californian Planters just goes to show that there’s no limit on creativity when it comes to how you can utilize commercial planters. This waterpark decided to forgo the plants and instead used a series of black planters as decorative canons for a festive pirate theme.


#5. Make Your Building Eco-friendlier with Rooftop Planters

Make use of your rooftop space by adding commercial planters. Adding plants to your rooftop can help decrease indoor temperatures and reduce the heat island effect that is impacting urban cities everywhere. Plus, it gives people more reason to enjoy the rooftop views and is an affordable way to spruce up a space that might otherwise go unused.

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#6. Create a Theme

Planters can be used to bring any theme to life – for instance, check out these fall-themed planters in Ridgefield, CT. 


The use of pumpkins, corn stalk, and fall foliage bring the season to life in such a fun and festive way. The best part of it all? You can easily swap out one theme for another with each passing season, all while using the same set of planters.

Benefits of TerraCast® Planters

Our planters are incredibly durable and long lasting thanks to our unique resin-based material and sustainable manufacturing processes. Our planters are made from a Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), which starts off as a pellet, then a powder before it is liquefied and poured into a mold. From there, it is slowly baked as it rotates in its mold.

From stains to impact damage, you’d be hard-pressed to find another planter as durable as ours! That’s why you can find our planters everywhere.

Our planters are:

Lightweight – easy to move and more affordable to ship on-site

Indestructible – hit them, beat them with a baseball bat, these are some tough planters!

Resistant to stains, including graffiti

Made in the USA

Customizable – can be made to imitate the look of granite, stone, as well as other textures

Recyclable & made from recycled materials

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