Large Commercial Planters

Large commercial planters are the specialty of TerraCast®.

Large Commercial Planters

A common architectural design feature found in most entry areas in commercial buildings today are large planters.  Architects and designers prefer large decorative planters that help transition outside elements to the door and through the doorways.  Nearly every commercial building you visit has accent planters by the entrance along the surrounding landscape and leading into the lobby. Large commercial planters are used for many applications such as accent, branding, and as security elements. Groupings of planters outside of a building or an outdoor dining area are a great alternative to security elements. Containers with a custom logo or graphic are a fantastic branding piece for promoting businesses, cities, hotels, parks, shopping malls, educational facilities, and more. Commercial-grade resin planters are the optimal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications, and TerraCast® is the optimal provider of high-quality resin products. Whether for big or small projects, TerraCast® can accommodate your landscaping needs. TerraCast® resin planters provide years of durable and maintenance-free installation

Custom Options
Our resin is made from a Linear Low Density Polyethylene, which is a member of the plastic family, formulated to be durable and maintenance free. Our products are made of up to 100% post-consumer recycled material and resin is non-porous, so nothing gets through it and nothing sticks to it. We even blend a UV inhibitor right into the resin. It’s designed for long lasting durability and strength.
We offer an additional insert for our planters that make them self-watering. It’s a reservoir insert with a water-wicking system that fits onto the bottom of the planter. Once the soil is poured in and the plants are situated, you’ll never see it again. The plants are able to draw moisture up from the reservoir, effectively watering them, saving you time and money on maintenance and gardeners.

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TerraCast® in NYC

We are a proud vendor of the Department of Transportation in New York City. Our Step Planters are being used as a decorative border, creating a safety barrier for New York’s pedestrians and auto traffic. Our planters can be seen throughout New York and Time Square, and we are proud to be a functional decorative solution for NYC.


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