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6 Outdoor Park Furniture Ideas

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Parks exist all over the globe, giving people everywhere the opportunity to spend some time in the great outdoors, clear their head and get some exercise. Public parks serve so many different purposes, including boosting the value of surrounding neighborhoods, increasing socialization among neighbors and offering kids a safe place to play.

When designing outdoor park furniture it’s important to keep in mind all of the uses a park will serve so that the public can make the most of it. Your main goal is to create a safe space for kids, teens and adults to have fun without a high risk for injury.

We have combined details from some of the best public parks around the world to create this list of outdoor park furniture ideas meant to inspire better park design everywhere.

1. Seating: Add Plenty Of Places To Sit

Parks are meant for activity but park visitors also want the chance to sit back and relax. You will need seating throughout the entire park, but seating can’t be haphazardly placed anywhere. The places you put your seating truly matters, some of the most important locations to include a comfortable park bench or chair includes:

-Around the playground
You need comfortable seating all around the playground in order for parents to sit back and observe their children while they play.

-Around large grass fields
Soccer, football and other sports are commonly played on large grassy park fields. Where team sports are played viewers will congregate. While people often bring their own chairs and blankets to sit on, it’s nice to incorporate seating options that face any large grass park field.

-In the shade
When people sit down they may not want to be in the direct sunlight. Sun safety is important to people, which is why all parks must have plenty of shaded seating. Help park visitors stay out of the sun by offering plenty of seating in shady areas, such as around the outskirts of a covered gazebo, or beneath a large tree. Make sure these shady seating areas are available where people will sit most, such as surrounding the playground or near BBQs and picnic benches.

TerraCast offers few options for site furnishings; including a variety of benches, garbage receptacles, and swings.

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2. Trashcans: Don’t Forget The Trash

The last thing you want at your public park is a bunch of trash. In order to reduce litter you need to add as many trashcans as possible. Trashcans should be located in close relation to all seating areas, especially benches that will be used for picnics. Include trashcans on more than one side of playgrounds, as well as entrances and exits to the park.

Offering both recycling and garbage cans is ideal and it’s best to keep them side by side, as opposed to having recycling on one side of the playground and trash on the other.

If there are no marked signs disallowing smoking you need to include plenty of trashcans for cigarette butts as well. Cigarette butts contribute to a great deal of harmful pollution, you can help reduce the problem by making sure these toxic little stubs end up in the right place.

Include anti-littering signs and arrows that point towards trashcans to further deter people from polluting.

Avoid placing trashcans directly next to tables and benches; instead have them installed at least a few feet away to prevent bad trash smells from bothering eaters and relaxers.

TerraCast offers few options for site furnishings; including a variety of benches, garbage receptacles, and swings.

3. Shade: Add Shady Features

Some parks include a lot of natural shade thanks to an abundance of trees but if your park lacks natural shade you can add some. As mentioned above, park goers seek out shade so it’s important to have it available. Planting trees, or building gazebos and overhangs are just a few ways you can incorporate good park design with shade.

4. Furniture That Goes Together: Create A Fun Park Theme

The best parks have a theme that runs throughout the space. Your theme can be anything, such as animals, roses, baseball, no matter what your underlying theme you can incorporate it throughout many different elements.

Playground equipment is where you can really let a wild theme take hold. Incredible park designs around the world have included some pretty awesome features, transforming ordinary playground equipment into unique designs that replicate popular animals or fun characters.

Colors, overall design elements, the name of your park and actual playground equipment can all contribute to a central theme for some added fun. The best part about having a stand out theme is that your park will get more traffic via word of mouth. (Reference)

5. Park Lighting Features

Even if your park closes early lighting fixtures are still important to incorporate throughout the area. During the winter nightfall comes in the early evening, this means park goers will end up in the dark even when the night is still young. Making sure pathways, exits, entrances and other parts of the park remain well lit is important for safety. Lighting helps prevent criminals and rebellious kids from doing illegal or dangerous things. It also helps avoid the chance someone falls or becomes injured because they can’t see.

Light posts, tree ring lights or in-ground lighting are just a few of your options; when it comes to energy efficient park lighting you have a lot to choose from. Incorporating a number of different light sources will help brighten up every area in the best way possible.

6. Quality Is Everything

A brand new park is going to look great but what really matters is how all of the outdoor park furniture is able to hold up over time. If furniture is rusted and breaking down after only a few years it will require costly maintenance in order to keep park goers safe and happy. Seeking out high quality park furniture, lighting fixtures, planters and playground equipment is the best investment you can make for the future of any public park. TerraCast products’ are all made with our Linear Low Density Polyethylene Resin, meaning they will never rust or corrode! To learn more about out amazing resin click here.

TerraCast Products makes many outdoor accessories for superior park design. All of our specially formulated products are made to resist rust, graffiti and impact damage, keeping your park pristine for many years to come.